From the 66th Colonel of the Regiment
Col. Joseph D. Clark
2nd Qtr 2017


            Greetings to the Troopers of the Best Damn Regiment.  Not unusual, but our Regiment has been extremely busy over the past several months. 

            We recently celebrated the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War with hundreds of veterans here at Fort Irwin and the surrounding communities.  The event included a motorcycle and car show as well as a luncheon where Blackhorse Troopers visited with veterans talking about their experiences serving our country.  It was a very enlightening event for our young Troopers, getting the chance to hear the stories of those that preceded them in the Regiment.  We do this event every year, so if you haven’t come out previously, the offer is always open.

            The Regiment is preparing for Rotation 17-05, as the National Training Center hosts 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division out of Fort Riley, Kan.  As always, our Troopers will continue to demonstrate why they are the most feared opposition force in the world, in addition to showing our expertise in the art of maneuver warfare. 

            Our Troopers continue to expand their proficiency in all aspects of warfighting as Assassin and Easy Troops each conducted Air Assault missions in the training area.  These training exercises provide key developmental milestones, and they also enhance the ability of the Regiment to project combat power upon the enemy in a more robust fashion.  This is all leading to bringing back Task Force Angel, which is similar to the mission that the Squadrons and the Aero Rifle Platoons so valiantly executed in Vietnam. PILE ON!

            It is training such as this that continues to set the Blackhorse Regiment apart as we increase the lethality of our troopers, which in turn enhances the experience that the rotational unit experiences during their visit to the NTC.  It also makes the Army better by infusing this talent back into the force as Troopers depart the Regiment.

            I cannot express the level of pride I have in each Trooper, Troop and Company, and Squadron as they repeatedly impress me by their “can-do” attitude and excitement for the next challenge. 

            As we move into the hotter time of the year, there will be plenty to challenge each Trooper with the weather, our OPTEMPO, and the drive to continually improve our foxhole.

            I thank each of you for your service to the Regiment and your continued support of our Nation.  We are the Blackhorse Troopers, the finest in the land!  

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The 67th Colonel