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1st Quarter, 2019 Thunder Run

By Sheryl Myers




Happy New Year Ladies, and greetings from Colorado!  I am Sheryl Myers and I will now be filling the position of Coordinator for the Blackhorse Women’s Group.  Our previous board, led by Kathy Tandberg, began a positive re-organization of the Blackhorse Women’s Group over five years ago and your 2019 board members are dedicated to continue that work still in progress.  Our organization’s motto is – “We are family, friends and supporters who stand with the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia”.  The Women’s Group, when possible, will offer a little diversion to our members, while the men enjoy additional time with their brothers in arms.


I also would like to send a special thank you to all the ladies who attended our

meeting in Grand Rapids, to make the beaded bracelets.  There were 146 ladies in attendance.  We would love to increase that number every year.  Your board will always have our members in mind when we plan the Saturday meetings and/or special events.  If you have an idea for future get-together’s, please share it by emailing any of the Women’s Board members.  Follow the link “Messages “ on the first page of the 11th Cav website –


- and you will find Blackhorse Women’s News, then the Women’s Board Members info.


Looking ahead:  The 34th annual 11ACVVC Reunion will be held in Las Vegas, NV.  Since Las Vegas offers so many venues of entertainment, we are hoping to feature a speaker that will interest all in attendance at the Women’s Group meeting on Saturday morning.  We also will add a new additional fundraising item at the reunion.  Our fundraising benefits the projects we take on to serve our Veterans.  Look for an update in the spring.


Projects:  Currently, the Women’s Group has 2 main projects that serve our veterans.  The first is the Prayer Shawl Project.  Chaired by Cherry Platt, and begun in 2011, 400+ shawls have been sent to family and/or spouse of an 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia trooper who has passed since 2011.  To find out more about this project and how you can help, please contact Cherry at:    or call her at 770-445-7534.


The second project is Wreaths Across America.  The Women’s Group sends 21 wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery each year, representing the 21 Blackhorse Troopers KIA in Vietnam and Cambodia, buried there.  We announced at our last meeting that our Women’s Group is going to further our participation in this project by providing the information needed for members to honor those KIA buried in a cemetery near where you live.  We hope to eventually honor all 730 KIA Blackhorse Troopers.  If you weren’t able to take part in this project in December, and need more information, please contact Kathy Tandberg at:     or call 719-559-0695     and leave a message if no answer.


Last but not least, we welcome Lajaunda Williams to the Women’s Board to serve as co-coordinator.  She and her husband Harry, L Troop, live in Texas. Harry served with my husband in Nam, but we didn’t reconnect until 2015 when Gary & I successfully found 3 other troopers.  We hope you all will join us at the reunion in Vegas.  In the meantime we will keep in touch.  Sheryl Myers at:     or 719-559-0695 or leave a message if no answer.






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