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3rd Quarter, 2019 Thunder Run

By Sheryl Myers


Dear Ladies, 

                The 11th AVCCV Reunion in Las Vegas is just 2 months away and the Blackhorse Women’s Group will be meeting on Saturday of “reunion week”, at 9:00am. Our Troopers will be attending their Annual Membership Meeting at that hour, so please come and be a part of our endeavor to support the 11th ACVVC Family. We will be having a short business meeting followed by a program that we hope will be informative as well as entertaining for all. We have invited a fellow Blackhorse trooper who served as a Medic, attending to our troopers’ medical needs, and has authored a book about his experiences, to speak at our meeting, and if all goes as expected we may have an additional guest.  

                The Blackhorse Women’s Group is lead by a committee of volunteers and supported by those of you who give a little of yourtime during the reunions to  come to our meetings,participate in our projects, and sign up to work our fund raiser table in the QuartermasterStore. If you would like to volunteer for a time slot at the fundraiser table please email Kathy Tandberg,  or myself , .


Speaking of volunteering, here are a few messages from the ladies that lead our group:  


*  Greetings, I’m Lajaunda Williams from Nederland, Texas, and I’m your  Co-coordinator this year. My husband is Harry Williams, L Troop, ‘60-’70. We are very, very, lucky to have been “found” by Gary & Sheryl Myers in 2015 and to attend our first reunion that same year. I regret all those years we missed, but look forward to the many years to come. I have met several of you over the past 4 years, and one thing is very obvious, we have an amazing group of Blackhorse Ladies. You and your troopers, have become a part of my and Harry’s life. “Through Unity of Purpose, there is no limit to what we can achieve”, and without “YOU” there is no “WE”. So please be sure to join us on Saturday morning as we support our Blackhorse Family. Along with Marguerite, I am really looking forward to meeting you at the Welcome Table.


* Hi Ladies, I’m Marguerite Austin from Wilmar/Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. My Blackhorse husband is Dale Austin, of K Troop. I’ve been a part of the Women’s Group since 2013. I serve as the Treasurer of the Women’s Group and also keep our Address Book up-to-date. The Treasurer’s responsibility is to manage our Financial Records, (deposits, pay out expenses, and donations received). Our Group also has our “books” audited every other year by Zilda Ritchie. Looking forward to meeting you at the Welcome Table on Saturday morning.    


* Ladies, I am Renee Majors, Secretary of the Blackhorse Women’s group. Previously, I helped out as Co-cordinator with Kathy Tandberg. My husband is Bruce Majors from C Troop and we live in Bedford, Indiana. We received an invitation to attend the first 11th Cav reunion in 1986, but my husband didn’t know what to expect, but we did attend the 2nd reunion in 1987 in Washington, DC. Since then we have attended almost all of the yearly reunions. As Secretary, the minutes I record will be incorporated into the Thunder Run Women’s Message  that follows each reunion, so those who couldn’t make it to the reunion will be in the know. Hope you can join us in Las Vegas !!


* Well ladies, it is almost time to meet once again at our big Blackhorse Family reunion, this year in Las Vegas. I’m Jan Beamon and besides volunteering with the Women’s Group, my husband, Jerry Beamon, K Troop, ’69-’70 and I will be found at the Quartermaster Store. The Women’s Group will once again have a fundraiser table at the Quartermaster Store, selling those sought after Lanyards, along with a second great item. These fundraisers help to support several different projects of the Women’s Group. Wishing safe travels for each and every family and looking forward to seeing everyone soon. If you have any questions, call or email me any time. Jan - 903-780-5621 or .


* Hi, This is Cherry Platt, the Women’s Group Prayer Shawl Chairman. I am the widow of Fred Platt, L Troop, ’66-67. We started the Prayer Shawl Project in 2011 to comfort the spouses of the troopers lost since that date. Our volunteers join with me to send out beautiful shawls, along with an attached crocheted angel, bookmark with a prayer, and a sympathy card. This project would not be possible without the help of all the talented women of the Blackhorse.  Thank You so much.

Since the project’s beginning, we have sent out 454 shawls. See you soon.


 * Hi,  this is Kathy Tandberg and I am Fundraiser Chair this year. My husband is Lauren Tandberg, of C Troop, ’69-’70. Our Fund Raisers this year are  1)  our very popular site specific lanyards and 2) a  fabric “Blackhorse” shopping bag, similar to those found at grocery stores. We need volunteers to work our “fundraising table” at the Quartermaster Store. Please let me know if you want to be on the list of volunteers and what day and time slot you would like.    We will confirm with you just prior to the reunion. You can email me at


Hi Ladies,  This is Cathi Bower and I help keep the Women’s Facebook page up and running. Anyone can “post” on our Facebook page or you can just view the page’s latest entries by typing in this in your browser: Blackhorse (11thACVVC) Women Try it out and see what our Blackhorse Family is sharing. See you at the Women’s meeting !!  


Before I close, be sure to read Marguerite’s article “ Restoration of Hope”, about her unique experience  at volunteering, in this issue of the Thunder Run.


Have a great summer and I’m really looking forward to seeing you all in Vegas.


Sheryl Myers,  or 571-721-9189






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