The 11th ACVVC offers the children and grandchildren of our membership and KIAs, the opportunity to win educational scholarships. From 1996-2021 we have provided $2,025,000 in college scholarships thru our scholarship program. This program has helped 638 of our children and grandchildren get an education and to become our leaders for the future of our country.

Here is another 11th ACVVC Scholarship Winner. Formally Audrey Van Nus, now Doctor of Pharmacy and a graduate of The University of Georgia, College of Pharmacy, Dr. Audrey Burris. Dr. Audrey Burris has worked for Publix Pharmacy over 9 years and managed pharmacies including the pharmacy at the Children's Cancer Center in Florida. She is currently a stay at home mom, managing three small children, George 4, Henry 2, and Elle 2 months. Her husband, Dr. Brandon Burris, an Orthopedic Surgeon, they live in Marietta, Georgia. She wanted to again, thank the 11th ACVVC for their generosity with her scholarship.