From the 68th Colonel of the Regiment
Col. Scott Woodward
2nd Qtr 2020

April 2nd, 2020


68thColonelís Final Message


            To all of the veterans of the most bad ass unit the Army ever had, my hat is off to you for the incredible example youíve set for America. Getting to know you over the last two years has been one of the highlights of my life and I will never forget the great times we shared.
This will be my last message.  As we all know, the honor and privilege of leading Soldiers ends all too quickly and itís time for a new Regimental Commander.  The 69th COL of the Regiment will be COL Todd Hook and our change of command is scheduled to occur on 17 JUN 20 at Fritz Field here at Ft Irwin Ė pending any COVID-19 curveballs.

I know most of you have heard by now, our effort to amend the Regimentís Unit Insignia was officially denied from HQDA.  We fought so hard and had a huge wave of support from across the active and retired ranks.  We are continuing to explore options for a counterattack, but the odds are not in our favor.  We appreciate the support from all of you and still believe in our hearts that YOU deserve this.

We would also like to thank those that traveled to Arlington National Cemetery on the Regimentís birthday to be a part of the wreath laying.  CPT DiBianca and 1SG Wheeler were humbled to be in your presence.  They thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Regimentís Veterans and are still speaking about what an honor it was to represent the Blackhorse.

I pray that you and your families are doing well during the world-wide pandemic we are currently fighting.  The environment we are living in is unlike anything most of us have experienced in our lives and it is affecting us all.  Your military has adapted their operations under these conditions, but make no mistake Ė we are ready to live up to the Legend of the Blackhorse on a momentís notice.  May God bless all of you and your families Ė and may He continue to watch over the Best Damn Regiment.

Find the Bastards and Pile on! 



 Scott C. Woodward Ė 68th Colonel of the Regiment




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