11th ACVVC President

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Frank T. Church, G Troop 2/11, 8/1969-8/1970

Frank T Church
2917 N Vista Way
Payson, AZ 85541

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Sit-Rep From The President

By: Frank T. Church
1st Quarter, 2023

2023, a new year and a new role for me with the 11 Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia. I was elected to the office of President during the business meeting of our reunion in Birmingham, Alabama in September of 2022. I am somewhat in awe of the responsibilities that come with this position. But I am ready to accept and confident in my abilities to perform the duties that the President must accept and manage.

I am not alone in leading this organization. I have the cumulative experience and wisdom of not only a very competent Board of directors and Officers but the support of 3 past Presidents that I know I can rely on for advice and guidance. The 11ACVVC is fortunate to have such depth of knowledge and dedication.

I want to thank the outgoing President Pete Walter for his efforts in preparing me to succeed him and resolving as many lingering items as possible that take up the time of a President before I step in. Pete will still be actively engaged in the affairs of the organization continuing as the Editor of Thunder Run and annual calendar and as the Point man for our Honor Guard notifications.

I congratulate Steve Page in being elected as Vice President and again taking on the role of Reunion Chairman. I welcome Eric Newton as a new Board of Director’s member, he has been and continues to be our Public Affairs Officer and I am sure he will accept additional responsibities as required.

It is my priority to continue the success of the 11ACVVC. A lot of work over the past 37 years has proven that we have made good decisions on the behalf of our members. We are experiencing new challenges for the future as we grow older and our numbers decrease, and there are plans in place to address them. I will share those plans and all other important items with you in future editions of the Thunder Run. Every leader has his own style, agenda, and goals but I will not deviate from the format and decision-making process currently in place. It has proven to be a successful formula.

I have always considered you, our members, as the most important contributors to our accomplishments. Without you we would achieve very little. You are the reason we exist, the reason we get together every year, without fail. You and the good of our organization will always be my priority.

We are one of the premier Veterans groups in existence, a relatively small group when compared to the larger Military Veterans organizations but still the envy of many. Few share the pride of having served in combat with such a storied unit as the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.

Please read articles written by our committee chairs as they contain detailed information on the status of the work they do.

We were, are, always will be proud “Blackhorse Troopers.”



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