Carbon tetrachloride and trichloroethylene. These chemicals were used by all maintenance, mechanics, auto repair, electronics, and other fields in the military. They are known as Carbon tetrachloride and trichloroethylene etc. These two being the most toxic. Men for years used these agents as cleaning solvents and degreasers. Because of this toxic exposure lots of our guys have developed the same types of illness as those who served in Vietnam. Many of these men have no clue as to why they have the same illnesses as they did not serve in Vietnam therefore they don't make the connection to occupational exposure. We need to help inform these guys as the law which provides Vietnam Veterans benefits is the same law which offers these fellows benefits due to occupational exposure to herbicides. In each 201 file their is a document which indicates hazardous chemicals they used during their military service. Please consider this info. I would be happy to supply you with additional info. Thank you, Daughter of a Fallen Vietnam Vet

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