Hazardous Chemicals Warning

Upon the request of Eric Newton, PIO, 11ACVVC, I have compiled further information relating to occupational exposure of harmful chemicals known as poisons, toxins and dioxin. The listed references relate to exposures of herbicides, cleaning solvents, degreasers, tar removers and refrigerants. Exposure was typically in the form of inhalation or direct skin contact. These chemicals supplied by all branches of the military were used in the

following fields: teletype maintenance, auto mechanics, maintenance of weapons, air craft mechanics, heavy equipment maintenance, electronics,  nuclear weapons and all other fields which required the cleaning of metal parts. Some were also used at the dry cleaning facilities located on the military facilities and for weed control . The Government has known for years of the harmful effects and serious if not fatal consequences of these chemicals. Not only has your health been placed at risk but also your children and grand children.


Based upon current information, the following chemicals were supplied by all branches of the military: Trichloroethylene, Carbon Tetrachloride also known as (carbon tet), Perchloroethylene, which emits dioxins, it is also known as (Tetrachloroethylene), Trichlorofluoromethane, Trichloromethane also known as (chlroform), Dichlorodifluoromethane, Chlorofluoro carbons, Hydrochlorofluoro carbons, Dichlroromethane or (meth, methlenechloride),Toluene and  Xylene. There could be many more I have yet to locate. These are considered to be organic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons, halogenated solvents, some are considered volatile and all have harmful side effects.


Officials would want you to believe that Carbon Tetrachloride was banned. This is simply not true. Carbon Tet was banned in the 60’s for certain uses. At this time the military began to slow it’s use down. In 1985 it was banned as a fumigant.  Documents will reflect that as of December 1999 the military was still using this deadly chemical as a cleaning solvent. A bill was submitted to the 107th Congress called: Veterans Carbon Tetrachloride Benefits Act. Bill number H.R. 514. I have listed the web site for your review.  This bill has not passed. It has now been referred to the Senate Sub Committee where it now sits. The bill will die if we don’t take action. After you review the contents, officials highly   recommend you write you Congressmen and demand that action be take to see this bill through.


I understand that many of the derivatives found in the above listed chemicals, were derivatives used in the composition of Agent Orange. Because the law provides benefits to Vietnam Veterans  you will also find that the law was clarified and in fact includes veterans who did not serve in Vietnam but whom suffered occupational exposure to herbicides. This information can be found in Rulings put out by the Department Of Veterans Affairs 38 CFR Part 3.


I am not an expert, doctor or chemist. I am just an informed   Daughter Of A Fallen Vietnam Veteran. In memory of my dad, I  hope  to help  inform others of possible occupational exposures they may have been effect by. My dad was a 20 year veteran and of that he worked with some of the mentioned chemicals for 15 years and was exposed to Agent Orange while serving in the military. We believe these exposures caused his illnesses and ultimate demise. Please accept this as my disclaimer as I leave it to you  to interpret the documents written by  the professionals.


I began some of  my research in the following areas:

Search  google.com for: Military weapons cleaning solvent, military fire arms cleaning solvent, military use of chlorinated solvents, military fire arms and chlorinated solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, halogenated solvent, hydrocarbon based solvents, chlorine-dioxin, organic compounds and organic halogen compounds .

There is an enormous amount of information available. I have chosen a few for your review. Many of these sites mention all that is listed above.


A final note: Aside from the possibility that some 201 files may indicate the chemicals you were required to use, it has  been made clear that VA Regional Offices have manuals that provide their representatives a complete description which outlines occupational requirements and a chemical reference for each particular job.




Military weapons cleaning solvent carbon tetrachloride and more:

Report to Congress-Ozone-Depleting: search google.com  ( This document is under review by Congress. They still haven’t passed this. It is a  very long document  but well worth peaking at. NOTE; the chemicals still in use. See paragraph on; Technical Plan V11 General and Precision Cleaning) Wed address not listed as it appears to be incorrect.


(Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet #12)


Military weapons cleaning solvent trichloroethane




Military  weapons cleaning solvent perchloroethylene


(Solvent Alternatives and Equipment)



Chlorinated Solvents:



(ATTENTION:)a book titled "toxicology" Effects of solvents and vapors by Larry S Andrews and Roberts Snyder. This book will explain why some of you have had positive TB detection.


Carbon Tetrachloride, case # 56-23-5, Formula CC14



This site lists the contents of the Carbon Tetrachloride which has not passed. It is in danger of dying if we don’t act now. Please contact your congressmen and demand  that action be taken to get this bill passed.







Trichloroethylene, case # 79-01-6, Formula C2 HCl3






Note ; this next document has no wed site address pay close attention to the last page as it refers to  military use.  Search, Trichloroethylene, University of California – MSD System. This is written by  J. T. Baker Inc. Titled Material Safety Data sheet. Dated 1996. See yahoo.com, msn.com or google.com


Triclhlorofluoromethane: case  #75-69-4, formula CCl3F





Trichloromethane: (chloroform )



Agent orange: Dioxin







Health Effects:


( This site has all that you need, use Dioxin when referring to Agent Orange or the individual chemical names you are researching.)


Map of Vietnam:


Note; the attached map showing military sites in Vietnam was supplied by Wesley Turner of the United States Marine Corp.


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