A Blackhorse Lullaby

Bruce E. Johnson
A Connection To Heal Elena Brown

A Day in the Field

Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
A Fine Warm Sunny Day Charles H. Pennebaker
A Night in the Field in Vietnam Rodney H. George
A Real Jam Charles L. Gross
A Stroll Though a Mine Field Percy Childs
A Tale of Two Wall James Griffiths
A Trip Down Memory Lane (A.K.A. Thunder Road) Ty Dodge
A True Patriot John S. McCain
A Veteran Is Unknown
A Visit With The Cav Jim Spence
Air Cav Dude Desires To Salute Iron Cav Dudes Robert "Bob" A. Alexander
Air Cav Meets Iron Cav David E. Wright
An Unforgettable Experience Larry Barnthouse
Another Bad Day "B" troop 1st. Plt. Tuesday, August 15, 1967 Bill Ryerson Sr.
Anyone Who Served In Vietnam Julie Weaver
Arthur the A Troop Mascot John Sorich
Blackhorse? Sir? Larry Doyle
Boots On The Ground and in the Mud Frank Gannon
Cambodia, Day 1 Frank R. Cambria
Camouflage Pants David R. Berger
Cannon-Cocker Commands line Troop David R. Watters
Charley Robert C. Merriman
Combat Action Report (Suoi Cat) Unknown
Dark Holes in the Jungle Floor Daniel S. Brown

Darkest Day for Blackhorse, SUOI CAT

Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
Dear Henry Rick Belcher
Documentary Uncovers Scars of Vietnam Elena Brown
Farewell To Blackhorse Andy O'Meare
Fire Fight to Remember Ricky D. Kester
First Kill! Eric Newton
First Loss Rodney H. George
Gray's Story Ty Dodge
Going to See Chris Jack Stoddard
He Could Heal No Wounds, But.. Ty Dodge
History of Taps Unknown
Honoring The American Flag Leo K. Thorsness,  Recipient - Metal Of Honor
I Was There Last Night Robert Clark
Into Cambodia Keith William Nolan
It Ain't Easy being Green Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
It was Twenty-Three Years ago, November 4, 1969 Ty Dodge
Joe DiMagio visits Cav by the Cambodian Border Paul Sefrin
Just One More Day Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
Meeting a Former Enemy Soldier David E. Wright
Memories Unknown
Memories Flow At Vietnam Veteran Reunion Elena Brown
Mine Are Bigger Than Yours Ruth Neher
Monsoon Rodney H. George
My Real Bullet Story H. W. Terry
Our Secret Weapon- The Double Bubble Bullet Jack Stoddard
Personal Account (Suoi Cat) Tony Pluglisi
Reflections of a Former Bugler David R. Berger
Reflections Herbert Gillock
Remembering Christmas Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
Remembrances Bill Ryerson Sr.
Reunions Bring Closure Tom Reese
Seeing the Elephant Bud Campbell
Snuffies Rodney H. George
Soldier Father Dennis Edward O'Brien
Soldier for GOD Brother John B. Maganzini
Tank Crew Rodney H. George
Thank You Steve Butler
The Art of Shit Burning Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
The Ambush Rodney H. George
The Box Had No Label Robert C. Merriman
The Bravest of the Brave Andy O'Meare
The Day it Snowed in Vietnam (Christmas 1969) Jim Schueckler
The Emergency Room Cpt. Stephen R. Ellison, M.D.
The Fourth of July Party Mike O'Farrell
The Ring Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
The Saving Of MACV by the 11th CAV Unknown
The Silver Star William Karabinos
The Things They Carried Tim O'Brien
Together They Stand Roberta Wolff
Tom and Me Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
Tribute To The United States Gordon Sinclair
Two Thanksgivings Jack Bryant
Veterans Day 2020...really Blandin (Bill) Karabinos, Chaplain
We Meet Again Bud Campbell
What it is to be a Veteran Robert "Bob" Kickenweitz
Winfield Woman Retraces Footsteps of Brother Killed In Vietnam Mary Sansom