120th Anniversary of the 11th Cavalry Regiment

Over the past five years, the Colonel of the Regiment has sent to Washington a contingent of outstanding troopers to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to mark the birthday of the Regiment.  Our Regiment was formed along with 4 other Cavalry regiments in 1901, and the 1st Colonel of the Regiment, was Civil War and Spanish American War veteran, Colonel Francis Moore.  Our current Colonel of the Regiment (69th), Colonel Todd William Hook, was poised to send a contingent for the Ceremony.

In 1901, Colonial Moore performed the Herculean task of organizing, training and putting an effective fighting force in the field beginning with“…
400 men who have never seen a horse, ...400 horses who have never seen a man, and ...15 Officers who have never seen a man or a horse."


This year marks the 120th Anniversary of that event.


More than a dozen 11th Cavalry veterans in the Washington DC area have joined a few active-duty troopers, now assigned to the Pentagon, and the Fort Irwin Honor Guard for the solemn event. 


Nothing is quite as impressive as a Wreath Laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.  The Tomb Guards conduct a precise ceremony, including a bugler playing taps to amplify the solemnity.  And, as it falls on Candlemas day (February 2), the mid-point of winter, on top of an exposed ridge overlooking the Potomac, looking into a North wind, it is bitterly cold.


Not to be fazed, we are, after all, Blackhorse Troopers.


Unfortunately, this year, due to the persistence and fear of the Pandemic, officials of Arlington National Cemetery have canceled all Wreath Laying ceremonies through the end of February.


To those of you who won’t be able to attend at Arlington we salute the Regiment, our fallen brothers and you sturdy veterans, on the 120th Anniversary of the Regiment.  




Chaplain Bill