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Dateline 2000.

"President ready to send U.S. Troops back to liberate South Vietnam."     And
if you read the research and facts presented by James M. Griffiths, there
will be no protesting in the streets by the old anti-war groups. 

His soon to be released book, Vietnam Insights, Logic of Involvement and
Unconventional Perspectives, dispel the damaging and false myths long held by
a misinformed American public about the war and Vietnam veterans. A few
unethical journalists seeking sensationalism and recognition at the expense
of America's heroes have perpetuated many untruths that became accepted as
fact.  Unconscious errors by young journalists not of that period were simply
ignorant of the real facts. 

The book exposes some of the countries most famous and respected journalists
and publications along with their relentless pursuit in degrading Vietnam

The book is well researched and written and offers irrefutable historical
facts and a broader understanding of that conflict.  It should be required
reading at all high schools and for the media. Many schools and higher
learning institutions have biased and inaccurate books compiled by those
seeking to justify their own position during the war. They are entitled to
their opinion, but not their set of facts.

The late Military Historian, Col. Harry Summers said it best:

"One of the greatest ironies of the Vietnam War is that those still suffering
most from that conflict are the ones who never served there.  While the
overwhelming majority of Vietnam Veterans have long since returned to
civilian life and got on with their lives and careers, many of the draft
dodgers and war evaders still struggle with their consciences.  Torn by
guilt, they try to explain their evasion by deliberately distorting what the
war was all about.  Most veterans could care less about their posturing, but
there is one fact that cannot be ignored.  In trying to make themselves look
good, these shirkers must of necessity make those who did serve look bad."

The American public should be outraged for being misled and manipulated. The
guilty should be ashamed for attempting to dishonor those who risked their
very lives to save their fellow man from a cruel totalitarian dictatorship,
which launched a thousand boats and made mass murder, tiger cages,
re-education camps and poverty commonplace in South Vietnam after the war.

James M. Griffiths is a Vietnam veteran who served with F-Troop of the 11th
Armored Cavalry Regiment, 1968-69 while it was under the command of Col.
George S. Patton.  Mr. Griffiths has been a high-school history teacher for
more than twenty years and resides in Michigan.

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