Bench, Ronald
  Biggs, John
  Burks, George
  Cadotte, James
  Carter, Stanley
  Colwell, Donnie
  Conrad, Michael
  Cupp, Bryan
  Daniels, William
  Dush, Donald
  Evans, Paul
  Grayson, Don
  Gutierrez, Pasqual
  Holloman, Jerry
  King, Larry
  Lorenz, Rob
  Martin, Romeo
  McCubbin, Gary
  Mercer, Doug
  Pagan, Angel
  Roberts, Larry
  Rutchik, Irwin
  Smolich, Francis
  Sorenson, Curtis
  Tarr, Raymond
  Vaughan, Ronald
  Walburn, Lowell
  Whitlock, August
  Wright, Craig

To all A Troopers, that were present at a battle that
 occurred on 26 March, 1970

We are writing to inform you of an opportunity that we hope is as important to you as it is to us.  Your veteransí organization, The 11th ACVVC is involved in the process of determining whether individuals who were present at a battle that occurred on 26 March 1970 in War Zone C are deserving of much belated recognition for their roles in that battle.  The recognition that is possible for you and others can take two forms.  The first of these is individual decorations such as the Army Commendation Medal with V Device, the Bronze Star with V Device or, even, the Silver Star.  You could be a candidate for one of these medals depending on what you did or someone else might be, depending on what you saw.  A second type of recognition is a unit citation such as a Valorous Unit Citation or a Presidential Unit Citation for A Troop as a whole.

 In either case, we have to know what you did and what you saw your buddies do in this battle in War Zone C.  This is no more complicated that just jotting down what you can recall about the action and sending it back to us.  As an example, you might tell us what track you were on (if you were present at the battle) and what the action was like around you.  What did the enemy do?  What did you do?  What did others do?  Did anyone do anything that you regard as heroic that deserves a medal 33 years later?   Donít be bashful about telling your story and the story of others in the battle.

 Even if you donít feel as though you did anything particularly noteworthy and didnít see anyone else do anything special, your memories of the battle and life in War Zone C are still very important.  This is because we plan to apply for a unit citation for A Troop for this battle and for A Troopís actions in War Zone C before and after the battle.  So, all the information that we can get about your life in the period after January 1970 in A Troop will be helpful.

 As you may remember, your Troop Commander at the time was Captain John Poindexter.  The way Army regulations work, as the Commanding Officer, he has to be the person who writes up and submits the recommendation for awards for valor.  Therefore, could you please send your notes directly to him either by email at or by letter to his office address, 1100 Louisiana Street, Suite 5400, Houston, Texas  77002.  Or, if this is too much trouble, feel free to call him at 713-655-9800.  Like all of us, he is looking forward to hearing from you by letter, email or  even by telephone if that works better for you.

 This is very important to us and I hope youíll take 30 minutes to help your brothers out.  To stimulate your memory, weíve enclosed a copy of a story that Captain Poindexter wrote about the battle itself.  You may enjoy the story and it will undoubtedly awaken some real memories for you, but the real reason for sending it is to help you put your facts together. 

Thanks for whatever you can do.
The Executive Committee of the 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia:

Ollie Pickral
John Sorich