Doc -- Just a quick update from NTC on the Regiment's deployment.  All
have now deployed and are in various stages of integration in theater.
had the opportunity to see every flight off and I can tell you we should
be proud of this tremendous outfit -- focused, professional, and ready --
they are truly inspirational.  I was impressed with strong sense of
and confidence in the eyes of even the youngest Cavalry trooper.
       The Regiment's leadership has done a remarkable job in the last
months transitioning the unit from a TDA-OPFOR organization to an MTOE
fighting unit.  Both squadron's underwent an intensive train-up
in an Iraq-focused NTC rotation here in the Mojave.  COL Peter Bayer has
drilled his leaders on historical case studies of insurgency as well as
innovatively using the internet to provide real-time intelligence feeds
units in theater to train his command posts prior to deployment.  The
Regiment is blessed with a remarkable group of imaginative and innovative
leaders totally focused on leading from the front and taking care of
       11th ACR HQ has already executed its relief in place and ran the
show for elections this last weekend in their sector.  2/11 ACR is also
the ground and in the process of assuming responsibility for their area
operations.  1/11 ACR is now enroute and will close in the next several
days.  Despite a few close calls as they have moved into theater, all
are well on their way to reestablishing the Regiment's informal motto
Vietnam of "find the bastards, and pile on."  V/R Bob Cone