Fellow BLACKHORSE Troopers!
> Following up on Frank Varljen's visit to WRAMC, my wife, Melanie, and I
> went there today and met with SSG Hurtado and 1LT Dow, both assigned to D
> Co 1/11 ACR, cross-attached to 2/11 ACR, and further assigned to the 155th
> Armored Brigade from the Mississippi Army National Guard.  Both looked
> great!
> SSG Hurtado had his mother and brother there.  He is doing fine and
> healing well.  Described the IED attack that he and 1LT Dow survived as
> well as the excellent medevac system that got him back to WRAMC within 72
> hrs. Both he and LT Dow are tankers who were operating on a four-vehicle
> patrol in the Up-Armored Humvees that you all have been reading about.  No
> other troopers were injured in that action.   He will be staying for a
> while, but will fully recover - great news.
> 1LT Dow was accompanied by his lovely wife who met him at Andrews AFB when
> he arrived from Landstuhl some weeks back.  He looks great as well and
> told me he is likely to leave for Fort Irwin next week to continue his
> recovery - largely shrapnel wounds.  He plans to convalesce there and then
> redeploy to rejoin 2/11.  Melanie and I saw a lot of ourselves in this
> young Army couple.  We are blessed to have junior leaders in our Army like
> 1LT Dow and SSG Hurtado.
> SGT Manny Mendoza has moved to the Mologne House (similar to the Fisher
> House) at WRAMC where he lives as an outpatient.  I did not see him, but
> he continues to work on his new legs.  The staff told me he is recovering
> well and attend a gala at the Washington Hilton last night hosted by the
> Secretary of Transportation for disabled Americans.  Staffers say he is
> getting out and about Washington, DC whenever possible in his wheelchair.
> Just a great news story.
> All of us should be proud of this new generation of BLACKHORSE Troopers -
> they are great.
> Guy
> Guy C. Swan III
> Major General, US Army
> Chief of Legislative Liaison
> 57th Colonel of the Regiment
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