The Blackhorse was well represented at the Dallas Support America and Our Troops Rally Saturday. Even in a non-stop cold drizzle the crowd was estimated at 3000. I might add that the media gave little support to announcing this event. The Candle Light Peace Vigil the previous night was publicized by a scrolling message at he the bottom of the screen during the newscast. Only about a dozen protesters lined the opposite side of Main Street. Severely outnumbered, they went unnoticed by me until I saw them on the news later that evening. They no doubt saw the 11th Cav and 101st Airborne flags waving in the crowd and stayed their distance.

The rally was attended by several Blackhorse Veterans who got the word on our website. Many local dignitaries spoke or attended except the Mayor of Dallas, Laura Miller, who several years ago as a councilwoman voted NOT to appropriate funds for the first Dallas Veterans Day parade since WWII. (Remember her at the next election.)

I met and thanked Congressman Pete Sessions for speaking and strongly reminded him not to forget the vets when they come home hurt and disabled after they have served our nationís needs. He assured me that he has the best voting record on behalf of veterans. Letís keep this in mind and hammer our politicians with letters, emails and phone calls. Donít let them forget or turn their backs. This time it is our kids over there and we know first hand what it is like before, during and after.

Eric Newton