Attached Units KIA

591st ENGINEER COMPANY, 27th Engineer Battalion

We were attached to you at Blackhorse in 67 to early 68 under the 27th combat engineers. Our small company was the 591st LE combat. We lost 5 of our people while under your unit. We were transferred to Phu Bai/Hue in early 68 to work with the 101st. We left our 5 Rome Plows at Blackhorse with operators when we moved.

Our KIA while there is as follows-These were 591st people

Jimmie Ray Blissett             Jan16, 1968

Harvey Milford Mosher JR       Nov  4, 1967

Robert Lee Bellamy              Mar 22, 1968

John Grady Marshall             March 30, 1968

Rodger Dean Eckstein          Oct 2, 1967


On 8 April 1966, the Army Security Agency activated the 409th  Army Security Agency Detachment at Fort George G Meade Maryland. The 80 man Detachment was designed specifically to support the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment.

On 18 August 1966, the 409thASA Detachment (known in Vietnam as the 409th Radio Research Detachment) was deployed with the Regiment to Vietnam. 

The 409th RRD played a very important role in supporting the Regiment by providing communications intelligence, which targeted the elusive enemy. This was accomplished by manual morse and voice interception,along with radio direction finding. 

Small teams from the 409th RRD deployed with elements of the Regiment in direct support of combat operations while others maintained collection sites at isolated fire support bases.  The Detachment relayed its information directly to the local commander and provided him with reports from other Radio Research elements, which could include the results of  airborne radio direction finding. In addition a team of specialists provided advice and assistance on communications security matters to the Regiment. 

Although small in size, the 409th RRD was quickly recognized  for providing reliable information on a timely basis. For its efforts , the 409th RRD received a Valorous Unit Award, 4 Meritorious Unit Commendations, 4 Republic Of Vietnam Crosses Of Gallantry. 

    The 409th RRD suffered two combat losses 

    1LT JOHN F Cochrane   24 OCT 1966 

    SP5 HARRY J Colon         21 JUN 1969

541st Military Intelligence Detachment

Beginning in March 1966, the 541st Military Intelligence Detachment was
activated along with the rest of the Blackhorse Regiment at Fort Meade,
Maryland.   During our deployment in Vietnam, the 541st MID suffered two
combat losses:

                     PFC. WALLACE JAMES MALONE   November 21, 1966

On 21 November, while on a convoy movement to the new Blackhorse base camp,
Pfc. Wallace J. Malone, 541st Detachment, and five other troopers were
killed in an ambush on Route 1, midway between Bien Hoa and Xuan Loc.

                    CAPT. GREGORY KENT WHITEHOUSE   March 6, 1968

On 6 March 1968, medical personnel from the Blackhorse Base Camp, protected
by ACAV's from one of the troops, were to conduct a medical clinic in a
village a few miles from the base camp.   Capt. Whitehouse was on one of the
ACAV's, going along as an intelligence observer.   The convoy was hit by a
command detonated mine and an ambush in which Capt. Whitehouse and one other
trooper were killed.