Silents falls upon the earth, And the moon it was blood red.
Charlie's got us pined down, No time to count the dead.
"REINFORCEMENTS ON THE WAY". You hear within the night.
"IF THEY DON'T GET HERE PRETTY SOON", Charlies gona win this fight.

Your holding one of your brothers, He dies right in your hand.
DAMN THEM SOB's and This GOD forsaken land.
In his pocket there's a letter, The last love words he wrote.
There's blood stains splattered on it, As I pull it from his coat.

Out in the dark you hear a sound, More like a muffled cry.
A bullets taken out half his chest, Oh GOD just let him die.
They've finally got them loaded up, And the choppers off the ground.
Mortar rounds and snipper fire, As they try to bring it down.

As the shadows of the night, Dance in a cloud of misty blue.
A ghostly sound surrounds me, I don't know what to do.
I catch my breath and close my eyes, Just before I start to weep.
Gently I lean over and kiss my Wife, "And try to go back to sleep".

HHT 3/11th ACR...69-70_______________

Mike Belver
NIST Safety Office