Farewell Message to the Army Family

It has been my distinct privilege to serve as your secretary these last two
years; the absolute high point of my professional life. Our soldiers and
civilian employees have distinguished themselves in peace and war befitting
our heritage and reputation of service to the nation since before its
founding. I could not be prouder of the outstanding contributions you have
made to our nation's defense and the honorable manner in which you have
shouldered the immense sacrifices required of you and your families.

The Army remains at War and transforming. We have significant challenges
ahead. We will win the War on Terrorism as part of a Joint team regardless
of duration and difficulty. Additionally, it is absolutely vital that we
build on our successes and sustain our momentum to realize the vision of
Army Transformation as part of the Joint Force.

America's Army turns 228 years old next month. Our enduring commitment to
our fellow citizens is to be ready to defend the United States and her
allies when called. As I conclude my duty with you I am proud to report to
the American people that their respect and admiration for their Army is well
founded. God Bless you, the United States Army and the United States of

Tom White
74th Army Secretary