One of Decatur ’s own sons—Staff Sergeant Allan Brooks Callaway was honored today with a memorial at the Dekalb County Courthouse.


Allan Brooks Callaway was born in 1944 in Decatur .  Callaway was a versatile athlete participating in baseball, football, basketball, and swimming.  While attending Decatur High School he quarterbacked the football team, averaged 22 points per game as a guard on the basketball team, and graduated in 1962.  Callaway was a member of Troop 175, Boy Scouts of America, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  He graduated from Presbyterian College in Clinton , South Carolina in 1967. 


Shortly after graduating from college, Allan Brooks Callaway was drafted into active duty in the U.S. Army.  Excelling in leadership in basic training he accepted an opportunity to attend Non-Commissioned Officers School , graduating first in his class.  Following armor training at Fort Knox , Kentucky SSGT Callaway was assigned to the 1st Platoon, Company D, 1st Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, known throughout the Army as “The Blackhorse.”  The Regiment’s mission included guarding and patrolling road networks west of Saigon to the Cambodian border.  As Tank Commander, SSGT Callaway quickly earned the respect of his crew and fellow Tank Commanders for his combat leadership, sense of humor, and innovative technical skills. 



SSGT Callaway developed a method of controlling a tank’s gun remotely, allowing the operation of the main gun by one individual thereby allowing another crew member to act as a defense against close-in infantry, a particularly vulnerable aspect of tank warfare—this innovation was adopted by the entire regiment.


In Binh Duong Province , an area known as “The Catcher’s Mitt” near Fire Support Base Harper’s Ferry was particularly active with enemy.   Callaway dismounted his tank to guide his team safely through a heavily mined area.  An anti-tank mine detonated, killing SSGT Callaway, but sparing his tank and crew members.  Callaway was only 24 years and had been in-country for 165 days.


For his courage and selflessness he was posthumously awarded The Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart, reflecting positively on his family, the U.S. Army, and the United States of America .



ABOUT THE ATLANTA VIETNAM VETERAN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION: The Atlanta Vietnam Veteran Business Association’s purpose is to promote patriotism and sponsor patriotic activities among the business community; to recognize those who served and honor those who gave their lives in Vietnam .  Each year the AVVBA erects a memorial plaque in various locations in metropolitan Atlanta in honor of an individual from the area killed in Vietnam .  Today marks the 16th memorial placed by the Atlanta Vietnam Veteran Business Association.








The Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association (AVVBA) dedicates its 16th memorial to SSGT Allan Brooks Callaway of Decatur , Georgia .  SSGT Brooks was killed in action while selflessly leading his men and tank through an enemy mine field when an anti-tank mine detonated taking his life but sparing his crew and tank.


The Atlanta Vietnam Veteran’s Business Association is dedicated to promoting and sponsoring activities of a patriotic nature among the business community while recognizing those who served and who gave their lives in the Vietnam War.  Each year AVVBA selects a soldier from one of 418 Atlanta citizens killed in action in Vietnam .  Nominations are made through Veteran’s affiliations, families, friends, schools, and religious organizations to the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association.


Started in 1981 by a handful of veterans gathering at Penrod’s, the organization quickly grew from a social event celebrating Veteran’s Day to one that champions the memory of veterans who perished in Vietnam.  The First memorial was at the Galleria Complex in 1987 and has continued each year thereafter.  Many distinguished Americans have been keynote speakers at the memorial presentations including Senator Zell Miller, Senator Max Cleland, and Major General George S. Patton, Jr.


From humble beginnings membership has grown to over 200 members: entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals who served in the Republic of Vietnam and came back to build families and careers.  The organization offers gratitude, peace, and a graceful closure to those family members who suffered the loss of these great Americans.  Our mission continues to help our members, the families and friends of our memorial honorees, and all Atlantans to focus on the positive aspects of Military service to America and the debt owed to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.



Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association