Blackhorse Documentary
Movie Review

I received my DVD of the documentary yesterday and played it immediately. What a great job. Blackhorse Productions did a task worthy of the History Channel (the final version was cut some as to allow it to fit with TV programming). Kudos especially go out to Otis Carey who worked day to day with the production company and who got many approvals for the use of copyrighted songs (Credience Clearwater and others)and material.
Without his participation, there would not have been a documentary of us. Eric Newton, our Public Information Officer and a director of 11 ACVVC was also instrumental in getting the documentary completed.

I'm placing this on our Message Board so other folks outside our Blackhorse Family will know about it and possibly want copies. Our Quartermaster (Rod George) has copies in VHS or DVD formats and they are available now. To our Blackhorse brothers who didn't get a copy, please order it now. You will be extremely pleased with it's quality and depiction of our great Regiment. There is some new film footage of the early years of the 11th US Cavalry and of our tour in Vietnam that I'd not ever seen. I do believe we'll see it on TV sometime in the future and if so, 11 ACVVC will get a percentage of the monies made to go to our Scholarship Program. GET A COPY OF OUR DOCUMENTARY NOW !!

Ollie Pickral      Richardson  Texas Good 'ol USA

I just watched the final cut ( finished product) of the VHS version of the documentary and it is magnificent. I had previewed the director’s copy several times before Neal McDonough of the television series Boomtown did the narration. His voice makes a commanding difference and put the icing on the cake.

This film makes some serious statements about our involvement in Vietnam and is destined to bring about a new and well-deserved respect for the service and sacrifice of our Vietnam vets.

My copy came direct from the studio and the others are on the way to our Quartermaster Store who will ship as soon as they arrive. I am certain all Blackhorse troopers will be proud to have this film shown to their friends and family. It is as good or better than anything I have seen on the History Channel.
Eric Newton
The Blackhorse documentary video is terrific! It is as good as any of the ones we see on the history channel.


Pile On!

Paul Greany Mercer,  PA USA
Got my DVD today!!! OUTSTANDING!!!!!!Can't imagine anyone (of us) watching it without becoming emotional.
Alan Priddy Central Piedmont  North Carolina USA
My hat's off to all responsible for the Blackhorse Documentary. It's great.
Larry Burwick Cleveland  Tx. USA
I recieved my dvd yesterday, excellent!the descriptions
of april 17th was right on, the nva about waving us in
was very true! tough day for everyone!
dick caruso
dick caruso watertown  ma usa
The Blackhorse Documentary is Great

Danny Kreger

Fellow troopers,
Be sure to obtain a copy of the Blackhorse Documentary. By doing so, you will be able to retain a piece of the illustrious historical legacy of your regiment and your participation in the Vietnam War that has been fabulously and professionally depicted in an unsurpassed manner. This work will preserve your Regiment's efforts for posterity and is a 'must see' and a 'must have' item. Be prepared for an insightful journey into the past and present as members of your Regiment give personal narratives blended with a background of outstanding music and historical video footage of Blackhorse actions in Vietnam. The documentary will cause you to ponder, reminisce, and emotionally bond with the memories of your Regiment and its members. Don't pass this experience up.
Jim Griffiths Bridgman  MI USA no URL given
Guys I just finished watching my copy of the Blackhorse Documentary. I think it is a must see. Two thumbs up.
Pure and simple its a well made film. My viewing of this film was very emotional for me. I cried thru a quarter of it. I would like to thank the fellas who
thought my say so was worthy of this film and for letting me participate in this piece of history. Fellas
yawl can be proud your Blackhorse Troopers. I know I am.
Thanks and hooray for a film well made.

Doc Balas F Trp & H Co. 70-71
Tony Balas