Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom

Our sons and daughters are in the middle of a combat zone much the same as we Vietnam veterans were in decades ago.  Personal items are little more than what they could manage to carry with them. No fast food joint or convenience store to make a quick trip to for life's little enjoyments. If a mobile canteen does happen to arrive, the lines are hours long and the selection is very slim and limited. Even if they prepared for the trip with a few items they are long gone by now.

It is up to us, those who have shared their sacrifice to help them out.

I am determined to help these kids, (young men and women) and show them our support by sending care packages that will get to names we know. Enough that can be shared with their buddies. The names of our members kids are listed on our website with one veteran having both a son and daughter in Iraq.

We need to get the donations here immediately so we can bulk purchase the items they need to make their life a bit more bearable.

Please note that Jimmie Harrison has both a son and daughter there.

Please make checks payable to 11th ACVVC.  Eric Newton will chair this committee. 

Eric Newton
Public Affairs
11th Armored Cavalry's
Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia 
1106 La Paloma Ct
Southlake, Texas 76092