Dear Emil:

Your situation is not unusual.  Getting your Bronze Star issued, even after 30 years, is possible and a relatively simple process.

You will need to complete and file a Standard Form (SF 180) with the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.  The form is available for downloading online, however, it cannot be submitted via email.  All the information you should need (address, form, etc.) is on the following link:  Military Awards and Decorations.

To expedite the process, I would suggest attaching a copy of the General Order awarding the Bronze Star to your SF 180.  You may also wish to attach a short letter telling them what you told me -- you got the orders but processed out at Oakland before getting the medal issued.

Since you want the medal as a keepsake for your family you may might consider the following.  Contact your local Congressman's office and ask their assistance in getting the medal issued; and, if the Congressman would be interested in presenting it to you.  Good media for him and a long overdue recognition to you.  Not necessary, but just a thought to consider.

Hopefully, this helps.  If you I can be of additional assistance please let me know.


Rick O'Dell
Blackhorse 1969

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Ric, I served with L Trp and HHT during 1969 in the Republic of Vietnam and was awarded the Bronz Star. I received the general orders #416  dated 5Feburary 1970 when I processed out at APO SF on 5 Feburary 1970 but was never presented the medal or citation. After 30 years I have not followed up to try to get it but as I age it would be nice if I could receive to pass along to the family. Can you suggest a contact for such request.