A Message to America

From The Chief of Staff and The Secretary of The Army

 The United States Army extends its heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the families who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. 

 To the brave men and women of our fire, police, and emergency medical services, as well as military members and fellow citizens who willingly put their own lives at risk to save others, we offer special thanks.   

We also deeply appreciate the thousands of volunteers and blood donors who gave so much of themselves in this time of crisis.  The outpouring of support and gestures of friendship from communities across the nation and friends around the world are profoundly moving and inspiring.

 As it has for over 226 years, the Army stands ready to defend America—a nation that President Lincoln called “the last best, hope of earth.”  And so, as we ask God’s tender mercies on all those who have fallen, we also ask for His guidance and protection for all those who will be called upon to finish the task now before us. 

With the unwavering support and resolve of the American people and our allies throughout the world, we go forward with renewed strength toward certain victory.

 God bless America!

 Eric K. Shinseki                                        Thomas E. White

             General, United States Army                                        Secretary of the Army

             Chief of Staff