This year’s reunion was another excellent event Thanks to our Chairman Adrian Vaaler and all those who assisted in making this Reunion possible. The 617 attendees were ready to have fun when they arrived and I think all carried out that mission very well. We consumed 22 tanks of soda, 13 full kegs of beer, enough cheese and vegetables for 900, and 75 doz. Finger sandwiches, 50 doz. Buffalo wings, 30 doz. Swedish meatballs, 50 doz. Spring rolls and last but not least 30 doz. little weenies in sauce. All this was served Friday Night in the bunker.  We also drank 45 gallons of coffee and tea and polished off 60 dozen bagels and muffins at the various meetings on Saturday. At the banquet 617 dinners were served although I do not have a final number Our Quartermaster Store had a great weekend and sales were very good.  The People of Eugene made us feel welcome and the restaurants and brew pubs made us all feel wanted. Many questions were asked about the 11ACR and the people who asked went away with a better understanding about who and what we are.  Many people on the street and in the hotel thanked us for our service what a great feeling that gives you.  The Hotel Staff wanted me to thank all of you for letting them interact with us and become part of the celebration our Blackhorse T-shirts and Reunion Pins will be seen all over Eugene long after we are home and back in our routines You all made a very good impression on the young people who served us so well. You voted to make the Reunion dates more flexible this one thing will help us to keep costs where every one can afford to attend. Passing the hat at the membership meeting also proved what a very generous group of people we have the collection was over the top.

It is now time to start thinking about Daytona Beach 2004 planned activities and tours will be held to a minimum so there will be plenty of free time to enjoy the beach and the Daytona Beach area. Adams Mark Hotel information is posted on the Web Site and will be in the next issue of Thunder Run. Thank you all for attending.


                                                               Steve Page