Santa Clara Reunion 2009 Photos


Registration area, the first stop at the Reunion

 The Quartermaster Store—in great hands as usual!


Santa Clara Reunion Marty Ognibene Golf Tournament Participants.

Board of Directors and some other 11th ACVVC volunteer position holders after the Business Meeting.


The ever popular Bunker Party on Friday evening.


Troopers from the Active Regiment who joined us and were warmly welcomed at the Reunion.


Scene from the Saturday night Reunion Banquet.


B Troopers “Together Then” and “Together Again” at the Saturday Night Banquet.


Troopers, families, and guests remember and honor our fallen comrades at Saturday afternoon’s Memorial Service.


11th ACVVC President Allen Hathaway addressing the Saturday Night Banquet.


Major General John E. Longhouser (USA Ret), Keynote Speaker, addresses the Saturday Night Banquet 


John Poindexter, relates the details of the 26 March 1970 daring rescue of stranded soldiers for which A Troop is being honored with the Presidential Unit Citation.


Barb King, the recipient of the 11th ACVVC Women’s Award.


 President Allen Hathaway presents the 11th ACVVC Trooper of the Year Award to Ron Krueger (HHT 1/11, 66-67).


Jim Griffiths (F Trp., 68-69) preparing to pass on the Jack Quilter Award to Bob Moreno (G Trp., 68-69) as caretaker of the Award 2009-2010.


“Big Jim” Holt (How 1/11, 67-68) singing his very moving solo at Saturday’s Banquet of the song “10,000 Miles”, which he created by placing his own words into a folk song.


Adrian Vaaler (HHT Regt., 67-70) playing Taps in a fashion we all always admire.


Ken Jankel (B Trp., 66-67) reunited with South Vietnamese National, Thien Phouc Nguyen, who served with the 11ACR 1966-1972 primarily with HHT Regt. S-5 and the 541st MID.