11ACVVC 2005 Scholarship Recipients


Recipient   Child of         Field of Study  
Sarah Atchison Daniel Atchison 541 MI 69-70   Masters  in Social Work/Public Administration? Certificate in Gerontology  
Stephen Bligh Stephen Bligh K Trp 3/11 70-71   Visual Communications - Photgraphy/Television  
William Boswell Virgil Boswell HOW 3/11 67-68   Masters in Criminal Justice  
Samantha Buist Fredrick Rosel HOW 2/11 69-70 x Mathematics/Education  
Paul Carter Stanley Carter A Trp 1/11 70-70   Masters in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering  
Lesley Christian Gus Christian E Trp 2/11 69-70   Masters in Public Administration  
Anne Dawson Ronald Dawson G Trp 2/11 71-71 x Undecided - Sciences/Social Sciences  
Tamera Giles Marvin Dean E Trp 2/11 67-68 x Pharmacy  
Hannah Keltner Neil Keltner C Trp 1/11 66-67 x Health Promotion and Disease Prevention  
Nickie Kranz Robert Kelley HHT 3/11 66-67   Literature and Speech Communications  
Chaylene Kriegh John Stanley 409 RR 66-67   Radiology  
Charles Melo Salvador Melo G Trp 2/11 70-71   Underwater Welding and Rescue Diving  
Joseph Messick Ronald Caldwell D Co 1/11 69-70   Kinesiology  
Matthew Paulsen Michael Paulsen A Trp 1/11 70-71 x Mechanical Engineering  
Courtney Rosel Fredrick Rosel HOW 2/11 69-70   Accounting and Finance  
James Roysdon Jackie Roysdon HHT 1/11 68-69 x Social and Organizational Informatics/Human-Computer Interaction  
Kristin Siekman Allen Siekman HHT 3/11 68-69 x Nutrition - Culinary Science and Management  
Jonathan Sorenson Curtis Sorenson A Trp 1/11 69-70 x Agronomy  
Anna Stone David Stone H Co/G Trp 2/11 69-70 x Christian Outreach  
Cody Suhre William Suhre I Trp 3/11 68-68 x Business Administration/Graphic Design  
Karolynn Szczepanowski Joseph Switck, Jr. B Trp 1/11 68-69   Masters/Doctorate Biomedical Sciences -Medical Doctor  
Natalie Terlecky Slofko Terlecky HOW 1/11 70-71   Political Science then Law School  
Laura Thomas Larry Thomas HHT Regt 67-68 x Forensic Chemistry/Pre-Med  
Andrew Vollbrecht Kenneth Vollbrecht HHT Regt 70-71 x Business Management/Mathematics  
Bonnie Woodward Richard Russel Jr. K Trp 3/11 69-69 x Elementry Education/Psychology