11ACVVC 2005 Scholarship Thank You Notes

Chaylene Kriegh
I appreciate your consideration of me to win this scholarship award. It means a great deal to me to win something my father is a huge part of. I know it makes him extremely proud. You guys do a wonderful job for these men who so proudly served our country. Thank You.
Joseph Messick
I understand and appreciate the value of hard work to reach my goals. With this scholarship I will reach and go beyound my goals. Thank You.


Courtney Rosel


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your benevolent support of my continuing education. Without your scholarship, getting an education would be extremely difficult. There are no words to express my gratitude for allowing me to have this wonderful helping hand…. When I opened my letter from you, a gigantic weight was lifted off my shoulders and so much stress dissipated… I will do my best to make the scholarship committee proud by always giving 110% effort in all my studies…Thank You again for your generosity. It is greatly appreciated.



Paul Carter
I have just received notification that I was accepted to receive the 11th
ACVVC Scholarship of $3000. I was discouraged and beginning to think that
I was not going to get it. I'm very glad and thankful that I have.


Samantha Jo Buist


Thank You for awarding me with the Blackhorse Scholarship it is greatly appreciated and will be a huge help financially. I will take and use this scholarship with great pride, making those involved with this program proud. Thank you to everyone involved, tis will help me tremendously in reaching my lifelong goals and my educational goals.


Anne Dawson


I am very grateful for the scholarship that the 11ACVVC has awarded me. Thank you all very much.


Tamera Giles


Thank you so much for selecting me as a 2005 scholarship recipient. This scholarship will help ease the financial pressures of school and allow me to place all my focus on becoming the best pharmacist I can be. I really appreciate all the time and work you put into the scholarship program and selection process. Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity and gift.


Brice Keltner


I am so excited to have been awarded the 11ACVVC Scholarship. I want to thank you, the committee and the generous men and women of the 11ACVVC. It is truly an honor to be recognized by those who have sacrificed in the service of our country.


Matthew Paulsen


I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to the Scholarship Committee in selecting me as one of the scholarship recipients. This scholarship will be of great assistance to me in my goal of attaining a college degree. It is wonderful to know that there are people like those in the 11ACVVC organization who support a student’s efforts to excel. I will work hard to make sure that you feel that you have made a wise decision in selecting me as one of your recipients. Again, thank you for your generousity.


Jim Roysdon


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the other members of the committee for this award. I was overjoyed to hear that your group understands the hardships that an adult returning to school to complete their degree must endure. Thank you for the 11ACVVC’s generosity. I can focus more on my degree and less on expenses like books, supplies and parking fees.


‘Allon’s’ in French means ‘Let’s Go’ in English. It is an attitude that I will carry on through my studies. Thank you again.


Kristin Siekman


Thank you very much for the financial scholarship. It will facilitate the pusuit of my academic success at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I am very grateful for the funds, and as a Vietnam Veteran, it means a lot to my dad that I am awarded the 11ACVVC Scholarship.


Jonathan Sorensen


Thank you very much for the 11ACVVC Scholarship. It is an honor for me and my family that I receive this generous scholarship.


Anne Stone


Thank you so much for awarding me the 11ACVVC scholarship. I am honored to be receiving aid from the organization in which my dad was able to serve.


Cody Suhre


Thank you very much for the 11ACVVC Scholarship that will help me succeed.


Laura Thomas


Thank you very much for selecting me as one of this year’s scholarship recipients; it will help greatly.


Andrew Vollbrecht


Thank you for selecting me as a recipient of the 11ACVVC Scholarship. It is an honor to be chosen for this award. I am sure there were many worthy candidates. I appreciate your helping me to obtain the education I need to reach my career goals.



Bonnie Woodward


Just a little note of thanks from the heart. Thank you very much for choosing me as a recipient for the 11ACVVC scholarship. It will help me to achieve my dreams of becoming a teacher.


Nickie Kranz

I received my scholarship acceptance letter yesterday, and I want to express to you my gratitude. I will be unable to attend the Colorado Springs reunion. I hope that my inability to attend will not give you the impression that I am ungrateful, for I am grateful beyond words. Thank you so much. I am honored to be a recipient.


Lesley Christian
 Thank you (and the committee) so much for allowing me the honor of receiving this scholarship.
Karolynn Szczepanowski
That is great news!   Thanks again for everything,
Stephen Bligh
 Thank you very much. I am honored to receive this scholarship and my parents are Ecstatic!

Sarah Atchison

 Thank you for this scholarship and this opportunity. I am extremely thankful. 
William Boswel
Hello. I would just like to say thanks once again.  Thank you for your time.
 Natalie Terleckey

I would like to thank you and the 11th Armored Cavalry's Veteran's Vietnam and Cambodia for giving me this scholarship.  Thank you once again


Charlie Melo
11ACVVC Scholarship Committee, Thank you for selecting me as a scholarship recipient. 
If there is anything else I can do please let me know.