Meet Our 2009 Scholarship Winners

This issue contains brief statements from our 2009 Scholarship Winners


Scholarship Winners SW


SW 1 Nikkol Wymer, daughter of John Terletter, E Trp, 66-68


First and foremost thank you 11th ACVVC for selecting me as this year’s recipient of the Colonel Charles L. Schmidt Leadership Scholarship.  I am honored and truly appreciative.  This scholarship represents the fulfillment of an educational goal and a step closer to the achievement of a dream.  Perhaps best of all, your generous scholarship allows me to set a positive example for my children who will both cheer for me and emulate me as they set their own educational goals in the years ahead.  Finally, this award also brings me closer to the dream of owning a business and providing a better life for my family. On behalf of my entire family, my warmest thanks for your confidence in me and for generous support of the 11th Armored Calvary Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia.


Colonel Charles L. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship; Died on Veterans Day 2007 as President of the 11th ACVVC


SW2 Coeta Grove

SW 2 Coeta Grove, daughter of Michael Grove, F Trp., 69-70


Receiving your letter in the mail that I had been selected as a recipient of the scholarship took such a huge weight off of my family’s shoulders. These economic times have been hard on everyone, myself included. It’s so great that the 11th Cav was able to give out scholarships this year to students. I am only able to attend a University because of your help financially! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.  Your generosity has touched my family.


Scholarship dedicated to PFC Herbert Spencer Barnes; F Trp; KIA May 19, 1971; Age 20

SW3 Brianna Harcum

SW 3 Brianna Harcum, Daughter of Weldon Harcum, E Trp., 70-71

It is an honor and a privilege to be one of the recipients of the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia Scholarship.  Thanks to your charitable support, I will have less of a financial strain during my last year as an Undergraduate at the University of Baltimore in Maryland.  I received my Associates Degree in Addictions Counseling and will get my Bachelors Degree in Human Service Administration this spring.  My long-term goal is to attend Graduate School in the fall of 2010.

I am presently working full-time in the addictions field and have had the pleasure to help many struggling Veterans and their families.  My father, Weldon Wright Harcum, a Vietnam Veteran, inspired me to submit an application for this opportunity.  This scholarship, my education, and my intensive involvement working with others have made my father and me very proud.

Scholarship dedicated to PFC Michael Lynn Wemhoff; E Trp; KIA April 16, 1971; Age 20

SW4  Whitney Hendrix

SW 4 Whitney Hendrix, Son of Brian Hendrix, H Co., 69-71

When I was younger, I would always be left stunned as my dad recited some of his stories and divulged so many descriptions of his experience in Vietnam and Cambodia. Some were frightening, some were sobering and some were riveting, but all of them enlightening to the experiences and the perils my father and the rest of the 11th Armored Cavalry went through in the war. Having now been to Vietnam and Cambodia and seen firsthand the land, its people and its history, these stories are now more profound to me than ever.


I am honored to have and deeply appreciate the support that I am receiving from the 11th Armored Cavalry veterans that have been through so much in their time. Having this funding from these veterans and carrying on their legacy will greatly help in allowing me to strive towards my own academic goals. I would like to thank all of those who gave so much for their country in their day, and who continue to give so much to the next generation.


Scholarship dedicated to PFC William Emanuel Baker; B Trp; KIA August 15, 1967; Age 23

SW5  Devin Jones

SW 5 Devin Jones, the daughter of Thomas M. Jones, HHT Regt, 70


Thank you very much, 11th ACVVC, for selecting me to be a recipient of the 11th ACVVC Scholarship. This award will help me focus all my time toward school and help me pursue my goal of becoming an optometrist. It is such an honor to receive this scholarship and it means so much to my father and I. I am very grateful to all the members who contribute to making this scholarship available. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help!


Scholarship dedicated to SGT Joseph Wakefield Jr.; A Trp; KIA March 25, 1970; Age23

SW6 Brett Lacey

SW 6 Brett Lacey, Son of Douglas Lacey, HHT 3/11, 68-69

I would like to thank the 11th ACVVC for its generosity in assisting young men and women achieve their academic goals and for awarding me with this scholarship. This will help immensely with tuition as I start my college career, so I can focus more on my studies. In my quest to become a public accountant and entrepreneur the money will be put to great use. My father is extremely proud of his service in the 11th ACVVC, and I am extremely grateful to be able to accept this reward in honor of Larry Schmidt. Once again, thank you!


Scholarship dedicated to SGT Larry Roman Schmidt; H Co; KIA August 12, 1969; Age 21


SW7 Robert Messick

SW 7 Robert Messick, Son of Ronald Caldwell, D Co, 69-70

First of all I would like to thank anybody who served our country in Vietnam or Cambodia. This scholarship is greatly appreciated. With the funds you have given me, I can attend college and have my first year fully paid for. Without this scholarship it would have been extremely difficult to pay for classes, attend them, and work to pay bills. With the funds you have given me I will be able to study more and fulfill my dreams. I would like to thank The 11th ACVVC for everything and my condolences to the family of Fred Walters. Thank you for everything you have done and I am truly grateful

Scholarship dedicated to CPL Frederick F. Walters; C Trp; KIA May 13, 1968; Age 21

.    SW8 Amie Price

SW 8 Amie Price, Daughter of Clyde Price, How Btry. 2/11, 67-68


Thank you 11ACVVC.  I am so excited to be the recipient of a scholarship that was formed by Heroes that fought for my freedom. This is the most prestigious scholarship I could have received. This means so much to my Dad, and I could not be more proud. I really cannot find enough words to explain my appreciation and honor of this memorial scholarship.  It means the world to me. The best I can do is to work hard in school and one day I hope to become a nurse.  I know I have Blackhorse power behind me and they don’t mess around. God Bless you all.

Scholarship dedicated to SGT John Patrick Henry; HHT 3/11; KIA March 10, 1970; Age 20

SW9 Brittany Silva

SW 9 Brittany Silva, Daughter of Matthew Silva, 398th Trans., 70-71


I am honored to be the recipient of the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia Scholarship. It means a great deal to me and my family to have this scholarship awarded to me. Receiving this scholarship gives me a great sense of pride to represent the Blackhorse and will also allow me to more easily reach my goals of going to medical school. I am proud to receive this scholarship and want to thank the committee for their dedication and generosity. I am very grateful for all the brave men and women who have served and are currently serving our country today. Without their bravery the world we live in today would be a very different place.


Scholarship dedicated to PFC Leonard Vito Tedesco; K Trp; KIA June 19, 1967; Age 21

SW10 Katherine Silver

SW 10 Katherine Silver, Daughter of Donald Morin, HHT 2/11, 69-70


I would like to sincerely thank you for the honor of being selected as a recipient for the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia scholarship award. I am currently pursuing my dream of one day becoming a physician, at the University of Maine. This award aids my family and me greatly with our financial dilemmas, and my step-father is very proud of my receiving it. Words cannot even begin to express the joy I felt when I first opened the manila envelope, the very first word of the letter knocked me off my feet, "Congratulations!” Thank you.


Scholarship dedicated to SSG Clarence James Claycomb; HHT 1st Squad; KIA January 13, 1968; Age 27

SW11 Elizabeth Smith

SW 11 Elizabeth Smith, Daughter of Steven Smith, I Trp., 68-69


I am truly grateful to the 11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans for granting me this scholarship. It is an honor to represent your organization and the men that fought so bravely for our country.

This scholarship gives me the opportunity to continue my educational career and helps my family tremendously. Because of this scholarship much of the stress of paying for school has been lifted and I can now put forth more of my time to focusing on my studies. So many students struggle with the financial side of college and I am humbled that I was even considered for this prestigious award. I am currently a freshman at the University of Central Florida and majoring in Biology in hopes of one day becoming a doctor. Your generosity will never be forgotten nor will Michael Bazel, to whom my scholarship is dedicated.


Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Michael George Bazel; G Trp; KIA April 25, 1970; Age 21

SW12 Nicole Sutton

SW12 Nicole Sutton, daughter of George Sutton, 37th Med., 1970


I am extremely grateful for the gift of financial support from the 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans for my final year of undergraduate study at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  I sincerely appreciate the contribution of the members that make this award possible for so many students each year.  Knowing that I have your encouragement, I will strive for the best in my education to finish my undergraduate degree in Communicative Disorders this year.  I will go to graduate school next year for my Masters in Speech Pathology, with the goal of aiding those in need of swallowing and speech therapies.


While I am extremely proud to be one of the recipients of your financial award, I am even more grateful to be able to say thank you, veterans, for your immeasurable contributions to the United States of America. Again, thank you for your confidence in me, and an even bigger thank you for making this award possible.


Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Jon Anthony Allen; L Trp; KIA November 26, 1969; Age 23

SW13 Tamra Towles

SW13 Tamra Towles, daughter of Johnny Riley, M Co., 69-70


I am honored to be a recipient of the 11th Armored Calvary’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia Scholarship. Your generous support is helping me to fulfill a life long dream of going to college. I rely on financial aid, grants, and student loans to help finance my education.  Receiving this award will help reduce the financial burden and provide assistance for me as I continue pursuing my education.


My first year at Midway College has been both challenging and exciting. It seems that academically I am off to a good start, having made the Dean’s List for the term. My plans are to complete an associate’s degree in nursing and possibly continue to achieve a bachelor’s degree in the program.  Midway College is known as one of the top colleges for nursing in the state of Kentucky and I am honored to have been accepted into their program.


Scholarship dedicated to PFC Charles Henry Batozynski; A Trp; KIA March 6, 1968; Age 19

SW14 Matthew  Weaver

SW14 Matthew Weaver, Son of William Weaver, HHT Regiment, 69-70


I am both honored and indebted to the members of the 11ACVVC for the generous scholarship awarded to me. This grant will greatly aid me in achieving my goal as a marketing major at Lehigh University. This scholarship is a tremendous honor, and I am greatly appreciative. This scholarship is significant to me because it is dedicated to the memory of Trooper Johnny Benton and because it comes from my father’s Regiment.


Scholarship dedicated to 1st LT Johnny William Benton; Air Cav Trp; KIA November 25, 1968; Age 21

SW15 Kelly Wehner

SW15 Kelly Wehner, Daughter of Charles Wehner, G Trp., 69-70 


I first want to start by saying thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to acknowledge those of us who are preparing to enter a new chapter of our lives.  It is your doing that makes it possible for so many people to afford higher education.  Thank you to all who participated.


The 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia Scholarship means a great deal to not only me but my father as well.  To see his joy in my recognition is worth more than I can explain.  This scholarship makes my first semester of school practically free.  I am so appreciative to be able to pursue my dreams without having the thought of student loans waiting for me when I graduate.  Your scholarship is one of the most significant factors that has made college affordable. Thank you


Scholarship dedicated to PFC William Arthur Brown; I Trp; KIA March 21, 1967; Age 21

SW16 Trisha Wiskur-Voellinger

SW16 Trisha Wiskur-Voellinger, Daughter of Robert Wiskur, M Co., 67-68

I am honored to be awarded an 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia Scholarship in memory of James Buchanan.

The financial assistance you awarded me is of great help to me in paying for my educational expenses.  This in turn will allow me to concentrate more of my time for studying. I appreciate your support in my education at the University of Central Missouri and your confidence in me to achieve my goals as an elementary teacher to our children. 

Scholarship dedicated to SSG James Elson Buchanan; E Trp; KIA November 3, 1969; Age 23


SW Larry Langowski, Member 11th ACVVC, Air Cav Trp., 67-68 (no photo available)

Thank you very much for considering me for this award.  It will have a number of immediate impacts.  Beyond the immediate and obvious, the lessening of financial pressure, it will free up some of my time to devote to putting together a community service project with some administrative funding from the Schweitzer Foundation. 
The concept there is to team with a local non-profit agency to meet a currently unmet medical need in the community.  They are really big on HIV-AIDS issues, and the school already has an informal relationship with the Howard Brown Clinic (a famous one) here in Chicago.  Research indicates that acupuncture is particularly effective in ameliorating side effects of AIDS medications, and a number of my classmates have indicated interest in volunteering to be part of the project.  As I conceive it, I would like to do outreach at the agency and treatment at the school clinic where students can gain exposure to and experience with such protocols.
I will also have a few more hours to devote to seeking state funding for our veterans outreach.  The school donates space and resources to auricular acupuncture that has proven effective in curbing addictive behaviors, smoking, drugs, etc., as well as providing relief for certain PTSD symptoms. 


Scholarship dedicated to SSG Richard Jackson Swiger; M Co; KIA September 7, 1969; Age 22