Meet Our 2011 Scholarship Winners

Brief statements from 24 of our 2011 Scholarship Winners.

Ryan Stabler

This scholarship means the world to me. I can now focus more on my education and stress less on paying my tuition. This scholarship has also made me more aware how important furthering education is and how lucky I am for receiving this chance. The pressure associated with college funding is as big of an issue as any other; however, I can feel relieved and move forward to finding a career and making a name for myself. I would like to thank the 11th AVCCV, all participants and veterans for giving me this opportunity.

Ryan Stabler, son of Myron Stabler, G Troop 1971-1972

Colonel Charles L. Schmidt Leadership Award Scholarship Winner


Danielle Bowen


I would like to thank the 11th ACR for their generous scholarship, to help me in my educational pursuits. This fall I will be a freshman at Emerson College in Boston, majoring in the performing arts, with a focus on the arts within the community. This scholarship will allow me to perform, or take extra classes that will help me to achieve my goals on and off the stage.


This past summer I had the privilege of performing in the American Conservatory Theater production entitled 'Homefront', a dramatic musical about the events surrounding World War I. In the show, I play a German immigrant who moves to the Midwest and falls in love with an American GI.


After performing this role for three weeks, I can't imagine what it would feel like to lose a loved one in war. My heart goes out to the members of the 11th ACR family who have undergone such a horrible experience. They gave their lives so those of us here on the 'Homefront' could continue to freely pursue our dreams. I will always have the 11th ACR in my thoughts and prayers for having helped me along the way. Many thanks for all you have done, and continue to do. I appreciate it so much.  Best.


Danielle Bowen, daughter of Robert Bowen, 9th Signal, 1967-1968


Scholarship dedicated to CPT. Ronald Lee Durham, Air Cav Troop, KIA 05/09/70


Raphael Brandao

I wish to express my immense gratitude to the 11ACVVC for this accolade. It was, genuinely, an unmeasurable honor to be chosen as one the recipients of this prestigious award. The support given to me by the 11ACVVC has unquestionably kept my worries under control, and it has made it possible for my devoted parents to not get into a deeper debt in loans this semester. I sincerely value my education, and this economic aid made it possible to continue with my academic pursuits in the medical field. I cannot thank you enough for your generosity. I look forward to the time that I can finally put everything I am learning into practice and help others as you have helped me.


Raphael Brandao.

Sponsor:  Asa Fisk, HHT 1/11

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Kenneth W. Hendrix, D Company, KIA 10/26/70


Amy Bump

Thank you for the opportunity to further my education with an 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia Scholarship Award of $4,000 in memory of Charles Keith Day.  I will start school at Rocky Mountain College this fall, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology, with hopes to go on to graduate school and enter the field of pathology, working in laboratory science or research.  This scholarship will help a great deal with my expenses.  It is enough to cover most of my books and lab fees for the next four years.  I am awed by your generosity, and humbled by its sources.  My certificate calls this scholarship a “most auspicious honor,” and I can’t say it better.  I think I’ll frame it and hang it above my desk at school, as a reminder of the costs - not just of my education, but the full costs of our freedom.

Amy Bump, daughter of Robert Bump, C Troop, 1970-1971

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Charles Keith Day, A Troop, KIA  01/11/69


Hanna Cohen

I am excited and honored to be a recipient of the 11th Armored Calvary Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia scholarship. When applying for the scholarship I hoped I would win but was preparing myself for the financial burden of going to school. When I received the reward letter, it was a very welcome surprise! I cannot thank you enough for this amazing opportunity.  Receiving this scholarship will enable me to focus on my studies as opposed to focusing on how to pay for school. I know that through this generous gift I will be able to better myself as a student, a social worker, and a person.  
I would like to thank the association who has awarded me with this scholarship, as well as every man and woman who has served our country. Without the sacrifice these heroes have made, I would not be able to have the opportunities I have been blessed with. Thank you. 

Hanna Cohen, daughter of Cary Cohen, B Troop, 1969 - 1970

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Bernard M. Thomas, L Troop, KIA 4/7/67


Kellyn Craig

I am deeply honored to have been awarded the 11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia scholarship. I give great thanks to those of you who have made this scholarship possible and the men and women who have served this country. I am proud to receive this scholarship in the memory of Gene R Koski.

This money has offered me an opportunity to go to college and get my degree so I can give back to the community. I can’t thank you all enough for this scholarship and what it means for my future. I will do everything in my power to prove myself worthy of this scholarship.

Thank you                                                                              

Kellyn Craig, daughter of Michael Craig, F Troop 1970-1971

Scholarship dedicated to SSG Gene R. Koski, E Troop, KIA 08/12/69


Sean Fortnam


It is difficult for me to express the depth of my gratitude in words for this wonderful award. This scholarship will no doubt prove invaluable in covering the costs of furthering my education. I would like to give my deepest gratitude to the 11th ACVVC for their awarding me this scholarship. That the members of the United States military can serve this country in ways unimaginable to many of us and continue to help our citizens in ways such as giving these kinds of awards is most humbling and deeply appreciated. I would like to also thank all the men and women wearing the uniform of the United States of America both past and present. But my greatest thanks I would like to give my dad, David Bradley Fortnam whom I am most proud of.

Sean Fortnam, son of David Fortnam, D Company, 1969-1970

Scholarship dedicated to SGT. Robert E. Meeker, L Troop, KIA 2/18/69


Picture not available

Jeannie Hatch

Thank you for allowing me to further my education with the generous scholarship fund that has been awarded. This scholarship has given me the confidence I will need to finish my degree. Along with grants this scholarship will help reduce the amount of funds it will take to complete my degree. I appreciate this honor of being selected as one of the scholarship winners. I will work hard to represent this Veteran's Organization. Thank you for this opportunity,

Jeannie Hatch, daughter of Jeri Young, K Troop, 1969-1970

Scholarship dedicated to SSG Ronald Ray Walls, F Troop, KIA 09/26/68


Nickolaus Herweh

I would like to start off by saying how deeply honored I am to be awarded an 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia scholarship. It means a lot to be able to receive funds that will allow me to continue my education at Miami University, Oxford Ohio, next fall. At Miami I plan to major in International Studies and go on to law school. Seeing that I have a long road to travel before I reach my ultimate goal as a lawyer, I greatly appreciate the contribution of the 11ACVVC. During my studies I will honor the memory of Fred D. Hart who was killed in action and to whom this scholarship is dedicated.

Nickolaus Herweh, son of Terry Herweh, 541st MID 1970-1971

Scholarship dedicated to PFC Fred D. Hart, B Troop, KIA 1/2/67


Abbi Kenyon

Since writing my application for this scholarship i have recently changed my major to early care which is birth to kindergarten which will lead to my career as a pre-school teacher.  This scholarship will relieve some of the vast stress which is prevalent in many college students, especially during the first year while i am still trying to figure everything out.  Thank you for choosing to award me with this scholarship. It is a great blessing to me and i will have the rest of the required material sent to you shortly.
Abbi Kenyon

Abbi Kenyon, daughter of Fred Kenyon, HHT Regt. 69-70

Scholarship dedicated to  Sp.4 Charles C. Napper, A Trp, 11/07/69


Raisa Lebrun

This scholarship means the world to me. It means I can afford tuition this semester, and attend classes. I was on edge about it before, because money is tight in my home, and if I didn't have proof of incoming money, I wouldn't have been able to move in this fall. Thank you so much for accepting me!!!

Raisa Lebrun, daughter of Raynald Lebrun, G Troop, 1970-1971

Scholarship dedicated to PFC Paul Marion Dailey (Medic), G Troop  KIA 5/1/70


James Marshall

I am honored to receive this scholarship from the 11ACVVC committee. It will greatly benefit and help me further my education in the field of Bio-medicine at the University of Central Florida. As a retired war veteran my father has taught me moral, demonstrated value and instilled a sense of pride in me due to the man he was and still is. I see this scholarship as a way to give back to him and my family only a portion of what they have given to me throughout my life. Also I see this scholarship as another stepping stone in my journey to a fulfilling career in the near future and can't thank the committee enough for this wonderful opportunity. 

James Marshall, son of William Marshall C Troop, 1970-1971

Scholarship dedicated to SGT Alfredo Salazar, E Troop, KIA 12/31/70


Charles Meadows, Jr.

Hello! I am so excited to receive word about this!! I am grateful beyond words.
I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to the 11th Armored Cavalry’s Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia Scholarship committee and its members on behalf of receiving this scholarship. This scholarship will help me advance my education in the areas of Political Science and Government at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am very excited this upcoming semester and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me! It is my great hope that one day I will be able to help other college students of veterans like you have helped me. Thank you.

Charles Meadows, Jr. son of Charles Meadows, B Troop, 1967-1968

Scholarship dedicated to SFC Richard B. Garrett, K Troop, KIA 2/7/69


Michie Ana Sasai

Coming from a small island such as Guam, your educational options are limited, especially for the field I want to pursue; the medical field. Attending college in the mainland seemed like the best choice. This scholarship will help me to achieve just that. College is an expensive experience and I do not want money to be the reason why I cannot seize this opportunity.  I truly appreciate this award. Times are tough, and I cannot rely on my parents for all my expenses. Not only will this scholarship help pay for my school, but it is also a small gift to my parents. A result of all their love, support, and faith in me. At the risk of stating a cliché, this scholarship is proof that hard work does pay off. Once again, Si Yu'os Ma'ase (thank you in Chamorro).  With great gratitude,

Michie Ana Sasai, daughter of David Sassi, E Troop 1969

Scholarship Dedicated to SP5 Greg Douglas Stevenson, C Troop, KIA 7/24/70


Patrick N. Shirley

I am very pleased to have been selected to receive this scholarship, and am honored and humbled by the sacrifices made by members of the 11th Armored Cavalry both in the past, and in the present.  I plan therefore, on using the scholarship to pursue a greater understanding of history, and in particular, the history of our own nation and the roots of its representative government in the civilizations of Greece and Rome.  In addition, I hope to carry on the tradition of service begun by my grandfather and carried on by my father, as I pursue a commission in my school's ROTC program, so that I, in some small way, honor the sacrifices of my father and others like him. 

Patrick N. Shirley, son of Henry Shirley, HHT, 2/11, 1970

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 James Davis, B Troop, KIA, 5/30/68


Ryan Smith

I would just like to say thank you very much for choosing me to receive the 11ACVVC scholarship. This scholarship means a lot to me because not only does it give me a security blanket for the financial aspect of attending college, it also feels good to be receiving aid that is needed. I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to receive the scholarship. 

Ryan Smith son of Paul Kwiecinski HHT Regiment 1970-1971

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Kenneth J. Kreutz, L Troop, KIA 6/9/69


Debora Snyder

There are no words to adequately express my gratitude to the members of the selection committee of the 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia for the award of my scholarship.  I was so excited to receive the email from Chairman Rafferty – and so very grateful.  I have been working off and on for the last several years to complete my bachelor’s degree with this award I will be able to fulfill that dream.  Having my BS in hand will help offset my age to potential employers.  I hope to “pay it forward” by continuing my work in the field of victim advocacy – with my goal being to work with military families.  The commitment the 11ACVVC “family” has to helping and supporting each other in their educational goals and dreams through this scholarship program is amazing.  Thank you.  I specifically want to thank the family of Frank E. Reynolds in whose memory I am receiving this scholarship.  I was fortunate to have my father return home – my heart hurts that it wasn’t the same for you.  Please know that I will do everything possible to bring him honor through my work.  May you be blessed as I have been blessed.  He will forever have a place in my heart.  Again, thank you and may many others be touched by your generosity and commitment. 

Debora Snyder, daughter of Paul Spivey, I and K Troops, 1968-1969

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Frank E. Reynolds, F Troop, KIA 3/4/67


Patrick Spacek

 I would like to thank the 11th Armored Calvary’s Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia for awarding this scholarship to me in memory of Douglas Cann.  Thanks to my father’s pride in his service with the 11th Cav, your organization has always been a part of my life.  I served in the US Navy from January 1991 to July 2006 and recognize the honor of being chosen by peers.  This scholarship will enable me to complete my lifelong dream of becoming a college graduate.  I am projected to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management in May 2012 from Florida State College.  Upon graduation, I am hoping to return to government service.  Thank you again for your support and this opportunity.  ALLONS! 

Patrick Spacek, son of Frank J. Spacek, III, E Troop, 1967-1968

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Douglas Allen Cann, H Company, KIA 07/02/68


Jillian Spino

This scholarship is a big honor for me.  It means a lot to me and helps out with my last year of schools tuition.  The scholarship is an honor to me because I was selected out of many applicants.  It also means that all of the hard work I have put into school and the scholarship application has paid off. 

Jillian Spino, daughter of Floyd Spino, F Troop, 1968-1969

Scholarship dedicated to SGT Jack W. McCann, K Troop, KIA 12/27/70


Jennifer Steigert

Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the 2011 ACVVC Scholarship recipients!  As I read your letter, I could hardly believe my eyes!   I sat in awe for a moment just thinking about what honor this is and how incredibly lucky I am.  When I called my father to share the wonderful news with him, he was absolutely thrilled! Finding out that I was awarded this scholarship made my day, but it was icing on the cake to know how happy he was because of it!  I know my dad is just as excited as I was and although he didn’t say it, I think he felt very proud to be a part of an organization that supports fellow veterans and their families.

I would like you to know how truly grateful I am for your generosity and for believing in me.   You have made such a difference in my life and I will always remember this very special gift. 

Jennifer Steigert, daughter of Norman Steigert, G Troop, 1969-1970

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Hilbert Walter Teeter G Troop, KIA 4/24/71


Elizabeth B. Tankovich

I am honored that the 11th ACVVC has chosen me as a recipient for this year’s scholarship.  The news could not have come at a better time after my dad’s job recently ended with the closure of the Joint Forces Command. Not only does this scholarship enable me to pursue my passion for nutrition, but it also inspires me to always put forth my best effort in my studies.  I am entering my final year of dietetics at Virginia Tech and will be applying for Dietetic Internships for the following year.  I look forward to joining the effort to improve the health of our Nation as a Registered Dietitian.   Thank you for all of those who served in the Blackhorse Regiment and for all of those who have made this scholarship possible.  

Elizabeth B. Tankovich, daughter of James Tankovich, M Company 1968

Scholarship dedicated to SGT Arthur L Jordan, I Troop, KIA 4/29/68


Kathleen Thomas

Thank you so much for rewarding me with this scholarship! I will not be able to attend the reunion due to the start of school. When I applied for the scholarship, I was planning on attending Missouri University of Science and Technology, but now I am going to attend Central College in Pella, Iowa for business management and psychology.  The scholarship will help fund a proper education in which I can be successful in my future.  Thank you again!

Kathleen Thomas, daughter of Larry Thomas, HHT Regiment, 1967-1968

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Gary Bruce Nichols,  Air Cav Troop, KIA  5/7/69


Gunner Toups

Thank you very much for choosing me as an awardee for the 11th ACVVC scholarship.  I feel incredibly grateful to be deemed worthy of such an honorable scholarship. This scholarship will help me achieve my academic goals in college, and further prepare me for a successful future.  Not only does this lessen the unavoidable stress of entering college, but it helps ensure a positive future in college.  Once again, thank you so much. 

Gunner Toups, son of Blaz Toups, A Troop, 1969-1970

Scholarship dedicated to SP4 Willie Lee Page, G Troop, KIA 06/06/67


Tamara Williams

I wish to express my eternal gratitude for the honor you have bestowed me and my family. As a proud daughter of an 11th Armored Cav. member, I am keenly aware of the sacrifices all of you have made for our country to secure our freedoms.  One of the many freedoms that we have in this great country is our access to education. Your generous gift will afford me the opportunity to complete my elementary education degree; passing the torch of knowledge to future generations.  Thank you again for such a generous gift.

Tamara Williams, daughter of Kenneth Wood, 919th Eng., 1967-1969

Scholarship dedicated to SFC Robert T. Sickels, I Troop, KIA 4/4/67