Meet Our 2017 Scholarship Winners

Brief statements from 6 of our 2017 Scholarship Winners.

     Harmony Allen

When I received notification that I was awarded the 11th ACVVC scholarship I was completely overwhelmed. I sat at my desk and cried. For the last two years, my parents have supported my decision to go back to college wholeheartedly. They have accepted the burden of my debt, including my mortgage, books, college tuition and living expenses. They have done this for me not because they had to, but because they want me to be successful. At age 43, I am halfway through my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and will forever be grateful for the people that have encouraged me, believed in me, and been there for me when I didn't  think I could do it. This scholarship will forever be part of my history as well as my fathers, who fought "boots on the ground" in Vietnam. I don't know if thank you is enough for receiving this scholarship. I am truly honored.

Harmony Allen is the daughter of Carroll Walton, I Troop, 3/11, 1968-1969

Recipient of the 2017 Colonel Charles Schmidt Leadership award.


     Emma Nicole Black

Thank you so much. I am thrilled to receive this scholarship. It well help me and my family more than I can express.

Emma Nicole Black is the daughter of Sam Melo, G Troop, 2/11, 1970-1971.

This scholarship awarded in honor of Garclee M. Fredwell, M Company, 3/11, KIA August 29, 1968

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    Seneca Durant

SeSeneca Durant is the daughter of Brad Durant, Howitzer Battery, 1/11, 1968-1969

This scholarship awarded in honor of David Stephen Deters, E Troop, 2/11, KIA August 12, 1969

    Shannon Durant

I would like to tell you how honored I am to have received my 11th ACVVC scholarship in dedication to David S. Deters. I'm am extremely grateful for this scholarship. What makes this scholarship even more special to me is that my dad is a Vietnam Veteran. Rest in Peace to all our fallen solider and thank you so much Michael for selecting me to receive this outstanding scholarship. I hope to see you all soon at the 11th ACVVC reunion.

Shannon Durant is the daughter of Brad Durant, Howitzer Battery, 1/11, 1968-1969

This scholarship awarded in honor of Lewis Sylvester Nance, G Troop, 2/11, KIA August 24, 1968

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Adam Foulks

Adam Fouks is the son of Michael Fouks, HHT 1/11, 1970-1971

This scholarship awarded in honor of Samuel Alexander Papin Jr, E Troop, 2/11, KIA August 12, 1969

Rhonda Kelly

I would like to thank the Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia for awarding me with their scholarship. This scholarship has been a blessing from God. I have wanted to further my education and become a Nurse Practitioner for several years now, but do to the expense of the Master level program I did not know if I would be able to. The award of this scholarship has been a blessing in helping me obtain my dream. I will never be able to thank the veterans enough for their service and dedication to their country or for their continued willingness to serve others through their scholarships.

With many heartfelt thanks,

Rhonda Kelly is the daughter of Randy Foster, I Troop, 1968-1969

This scholarship awarded in honor of Robert Michael Smith, B Troop, 1/11, KIA March 10, 1970

Julia Trace

Throughout my life I have learned about the Vietnam War in 5 different history classes. In each class I was the only one who could say my dad served in the war. This was not something he did by choice, and it was not a topic avidly talked about in my house growing up; regardless, I know it is something he carries close to his heart, as he wells up or cries when the conversation arises. Other than the story of when he sunk his tank into a rice patty, our conversations regarding the war usually revolve around those who fell in his presence. I am proud to be the daughter of a veteran with such a big heart, who has in turn taught me to have a big heart. I am beyond thankful for the members of the 11th ACR who continue to remember the fallen and refuse to make them the forgotten, showing a dedication to have each otherís backs no matter what. The 11th ACR has always had the backs of men like my father, and I am honored they have my back too. My scholarship was dedicated to Thomas Griffin, a man who lost his life at age 20. He was a year younger than myself at the time of his passing; a life that ended much too soon. As I walk through the remainder of my education and embark on my career in Social Work I will dedicate my work to his memory, and never let the fallen become the forgotten. I am proud to be apart of The Blackhorse.

Julia Trace is the daughter of Walter Trace, D Company, 1/11, 1969-1970

This scholarship awarded in honor of Thomas Dwain Griffin, A Troop, 1/11, KIA June 20, 1970