Photos by Marvin Gootee


919th HQ area at Quan Loi


AVLB opening over river


AVLB preparing to set bridge


Berm at FSB Kramer at Cambodia border


Bridge destroyed by VC on road to Cambodia


Bridge in place


Convoy around Cambodian border

Convoy around Cambodian border

Dan Stocki at Quan Loi


Detonation of captured NVA ordinance at FSB Kramer


Don Graff building temporary bunker at FSB Kramer by Cambodia


Don Graffin bunker on berm at FSB


FSB Kramer by Cambodian border hit byNVA later that night

Site of firefight in September 1969at NDP by FSB Sidewinder

In watchtower at Quan Loi


John Glen & Victor Montez on road by Cambodia on 4-8-69


Me and Doc Thomas in Nam


Me opening Christmas package at FSB Jake


Ordinance captured from NVA FSB Kramer


Skyhook bringing in bulldozer by Cambodia


Skyhook dropping a bulldozer by Cambodia for bridge repair