The Regimental Commander, COL Bayer said that he would provide a
regimental contact person for us to work with.

11th ACVVC & Active Duty Buddy Program

Gene Johnson, (ARP/LRRP 66-67, E Trp 67 & 70-71, L Trp 77-78), will be the 11th ACVVC Liaison to work with the Active Duty Person to  coordinate the link up of veterans and active duty Troopers for the purpose of communications and morale support for our active duty brothers who are being deployed to Iraq and also for those who will remain at Fort Irwin (Wildhorse 3rd Squadron & Support Squadron) to train future units who will be deployed, and possibly deploy in 18 - 24 months.

Veteran's may be able to write letters and supply items to deployed
Troopers that are not provided by normal supply channels.
Gene Johnson
Blackhorse Veteran

Contact: Gene Johnson 11th ACVVC Vice Prsident
          3335 Casey Drive, #101
          Las Vegas, NV 89120-1183

          (702) 456 3218 e-mail: