Due to the large amount of interest, I am sending this update to let you know how our Blackhorse Troopers are doing.  They have had a tremendous impact on the people and elections of Iraq for a year now.  Although we have had many wounded and lost some even as late as last week, our 11th ACR Soldiers have served honorably throughout the country.  I am happy to say we will be bringing them home over the next two months.  By mid February all our Soldiers in Iraq will be back on FT Irwin and more importantly back with their families.
Many of you have expressed an interest in meeting the Soldiers as they come home.  You are welcome to do so, but unfortunately we are not able to accurately forecast when the many groups of returning heroes will arrive due to the nature of military travel.  We have also made a promise to our Soldiers to get them to their families as soon as possible without a lot of ceremony.  However, if you are in the FT Irwin area and wish to greet one of the returning groups, feel free to contact me for information.
We are planning a celebration 16 - 18 March to honor their service as well as the service of the Regiment in this conflict and its long history.  These welcome home events will include dedications, luncheons, socials, and a post wide BBQ and concert.  All veterans of the Regiment are invited to attend as you will be an integral part of the celebrations.  The local Barstow community is ready to receive you and we have a few motels that are offering deals on room rates.  Please contact LT Fraser ( or 760 380-3837) for more details about rooms if needed.  We would also ask that you let us know who is coming so we can make sure all are invited to the scheduled events.
The Regiment has commissioned a Dietz print to commemorate its service in Iraq.  These prints will are being sold for $100 and are open to all veterans and friends of the Regiment.  There will be 750 prints available so you better get one reserved if you are interested.  LT Fraser is the point of contact for questions and orders for those as well.
Another event we are planning is a Regimental ball in Las Vegas.  This ball will be 23 March at the Venetian.  Veterans are welcome to attend.  If you are interested and want to purchase a ticket, please let us know.  We are still trying to raise money for that event so all the details have not been worked out yet.
If you have any questions, please feel free to send them.  Also, feel free to pass this information to others.
MAJ Michael Martel
11th ACR