Guidon ceremony at Ft. Irwin for the exchange of the Alpha Troop and Headquarters Troop, First Squadron guidons. 

 The ceremony will occur on 17 November, as originally proposed by the Regimental Commander.

All of us are enthusiastically invited to attend and it would be a very good result if we could turn out a meaningful group of Alpha Troopers of our vintage.  Likewise, Veterans of Headquarters Troop, First Squadron are highly encouraged to participate as well as any veterans from any other troop.

 The physical arrangements are very simple.To acknowledge that you will be present it is requested by the Regimental Invitation to RSVP to 1LT. Johnson or SGT. Brown 760-380-4710 no later than November 1st. The contact at the regiment for questions and arrangements is CPT Fred Odisho at 760-380-5657.  (Iím sure the other officers would prefer that we not pester them with phone calls on this matter.)  The main hotel, the Landmark Inn appears to be sold out, but we understand rooms are available in Barstow, California. Fred is trying to line up some rooms at the Landmark.  If he is successful, pre-reserved room reservations can be cancelled in Barstow, but this does look very likely. 

The recommended attire for the visit and ceremony is casual (the regiment will wear desert fatigues) and the weather should be between 70 and 80 during the day and 60 at night.  Please be aware that it can be chilly during the morning. 

For those originating in the eastern United States, a flight to Las Vegas may be the most convenient and economical for you.  The airport to Ft. Irwin drive is something less than 3 hours.   

Tentatively, there will be a gathering with some of the regimentís officers at Reggieís (a club on the base) probably around 7:00 pm on the evening of the 16th.  This is not yet certain but it appears probable.  

The ceremony the following day consists of the guidon exchange scheduled for approximately 9:00 am.  Besides the main event, there seems to be other activities, including a picnic, that go through mid-day.  Fred says we are free to leave in the afternoon or stay as long as 6:00 p.m.  Somehow, I expect that the number of activities for us may increase, but thatís all I know at this time.  A PT exercise that we were invited to join was cancelled due to liability.  I imagine the Army thinks you are too old to run!

 Very significantly, the regiment has agreed that upon its return from Iraq, if we desire, our Vietnam-era guidons can be returned to us.  This is a convenience that we may or may not wish to avail ourselves of.  The important aspect is to insure that we have the opportunity to get the guidons back, if requested. 

 John Poindexter & John Sorich