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Bud Traveled to Fiddlers Green on August 27, 2003

Bud worked very hard, first running the 11thACVVC website as webmaster and in the last few years he ran the find an old friend portion of the website.

Bud worked for years for the 11THACVVC and all the troupers without asking for thanks.
 No one could even imagine the thousands of hours Bud put into this website and the find an old friend.

Big Bud donates his time keeping the Find an Old Friend section up to date.  Please let his family know we care with an email.  Buds wife Peggy  can be contacted at:

8/25/2003 2:40:49 PM

Hello brothers & fellow 11th ACR troopers -

I wanted to make quick contact with as many of you as possible- in order to let you know about our fellow-trooper 'Big' Bud Campbell... who as many of you know is an outstanding long-time 11th ACVVC member; and who was instrumental in the organizations website.

Got this from Bud's son-in-law Boyd this morning:

Hello Mr. Olmstead-

I am Boyd Faulknor, son-in-law of Big Bud Campbell. I know you know him , but how well you know him I 'm not sure.

I have been to your site and signed your guest book.

I don't imagine anyone has told you yet, but Bud is in the hospital tonight having surgery. He's had two heart attack's this month. the second was today, He's in bad shape , may or may not make it through this one.

Just want to ask you to pray for him. Please

I'll send you more details of what's going on if you would like me to.

Thanks - Boyd

I've written to Boyd just now... to assure him and family of my prayers- and also told him I would do my best to contact our Chaplain Larry; and as many of you of the 11th ACVVC membership as I am able.

Please do then keep Bud in your thoughts and your prayers. I will leave Boyd's email address below as well... in order that you may contact him and assure him and all of Buds family of your care and support.

Lord keep you tight... - Butch

Boyd -

Buds wife Peggy or

Buds email ( as family will check it ) and/or