Bud's funeral at Arlington

I just returned from Bud's funeral at Arlington.  It's overcast and windy
this morning but the rain held off.

I met Bud's wife, Peggy, along with several other family members at the
Administration Building.  I introduced myself and offered my condolences on
behalf of all of us.  I mentioned Otis and many of the others.  She and her
family were very pleased to know everyone was thinking of Bud.  I also met
another gentleman from the 14th ACR as well as someone from the 3rd Cavalry

Bud had a very nice military funeral.... band, rifle platoon, firing party,
taps, American flag.  After the official service a bagpiper was heard behind
us.  He walked closer to us as he played, stopped near his casket, saluted,
then continued to play as he walked into the distance.  It was very moving.

I presented the award to Peggy in recognition of all the work Bud has done
over the years with the website and Find an Friend. She was moved to tears
but wanted me to make sure I thanked everyone.

Besides his wife Peggy of 51 years, Bud leaves 7 children and 7
grandchildren.  Bud is buried in Section 68, near the intersection of Patton
Drive and Marshall Drive near Patton Circle.  Everyone remarked about the

I also took the opportunity to visit a few of our other Blackhorse troopers
buried at Arlington.  Gerald Palma (KIA), James Atchison (KIA), Donald
Robison (KIA), Glen Thorson, Harry Clark, and Don Bowman.  Rest in


Allen Hathaway