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Reunion Trooper and KIA Survivor Assistance Fund Revisited

By Frank R. Cambria, Secretary

 During the 2008 Reunion Members Business Meeting, the Board of Directors proposed and the membership passed Motion 2008-0823A to modify the definition and name of the fund to include immediate family members (Parents, siblings, children, widows) of our KIAs.

 The purpose of the Reunion Trooper and KIA Survivor Assistance Fund is to assist, if requested, Troopers who served with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam and the Kingdom of Cambodia, and Survivors of our Troopers Killed in Action in Vietnam and Cambodia, to attend a reunion sponsored by the 11th ACVVC.  Qualified applicants will be given one or more of the following items, depending on the number of requests, funds depletion, and the degree of assistance required:

1.       A room at the host hotel for one or two nights during the reunion weekend.

2.       Funds to purchase fuel for auto, tickets for airfare or other means of transportation such as bus fare or train fare.

3.       Registration fees.

4.       Meals or food allowance.

 Funds are collected through direct donations or the “passing of the hat” at the annual membership Business Meeting and are accounted for by the Treasurer.  The Treasurer includes the Reunion Trooper and KIA Survivor Assistance Fund as a separate reporting item on the quarterly financial report.


To be considered for financial assistance from the fund to attend a Reunion of the 11th ACVVC, the Trooper or the KIA's immediate family members (defined as Parents, siblings, children, widows) making the request must...

  1. Do so in writing to the Secretary or the President, and
  2. Provide evidence of the Trooper's service in Vietnam and/or Cambodia with the 11th Armored Cavalry "Blackhorse" Regiment. 

The applicant Trooper or KIA survivor should describe his/her need for monetary assistance, briefly stating his/her financial situation (i.e., job, income, family, or other relevant facts).  In addition, the Trooper may be required to show proof that he is a member, or that he is qualified to become a member, of the 11th ACVVC.  The Officers and Directors of 11th ACVVC will decide by a majority vote on whom and how much assistance will be given to a Trooper or Survivor of a KIA.

 You can find the complete description of the Reunion Trooper and KIA Survivor Assistance Fund on the website www.11thcavnam.com.