Hello to all. I am looking for some health information I hope someone might have. I have fibromylgia (fatigue joint pain) arthritis ,stomack problems, breathing problems, feet that are always cracked to the point of bleeding what I am wondering is if anyone else who was in during 1966-1968 especialy if you were in the track mounted flame section known by alot of you as zippo's have any of these health problems I have been denied for compensation by the VA they say no one else has these problems that was in Vietnam there is no service conection also they say that there is no where in my records to show that I or anyone else was in gas attacks while in Vietnam I was in a couple where my gas mask did not work and my face and hands got blisterd from the stuff can anyone else remember being in gas attacks? Most of the health problems I have the gulf war veterans seem to be having only I have had most of these health problems since Vietnam all my children born after I came home also suffer from these same health problems along with down sydrome and myosis does anyone also have children who suffer from any of these health problems as well?I believe that the stuff we were exposed to over there and maybe even something that was in the shots that we were given before going over there caused my health problems and the health problems of my children.