Operation Iraqi Freedom III,  The Movie – The Ultimate Sacrifice


In September 2005 I arrived in Baghdad, Iraq in a show of support “Thank You Tour” for the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment out of Fort Irwin, California. They had been in-country about seven months and had covered hundreds of miles of bad road.  I was accompanied by fellow Vietnam Veteran, Jerry Williamson. We both served with the 11th  in the late 60’s during combat operations in Vietnam.


I carried a professional grade movie camera and Jerry shot digital stills. I soon became determined and dedicated to record the history of these new veterans on film. We requested to go on daily missions to better understand what the day to day operations entailed. This also allowed us to bond with the troops and engage in one on one dialogue.  Several accounts and photos of the trip appeared on Blackanthem.com.


The film was sent to Blackhorse Productions in Beverly Hills, California. They went to work editing and creating a documentary movie which captures both military operations and an overview of Iraq that news outlets have been unable to convey to the public. This one of a kind film captures the intensity of battle as seen by the “Boots on the Ground.”  Included are personal interviews that were conducted after the cavalry troopers returned to Fort Irwin. You will get the “Big Picture” from the perspective of the troopers who were there, without the SPIN of the major news outlets.


One comment from a young viewer. “The interview of that one soldier answered all the questions in my mind about Iraq that were never answered in the hours of watching CNN and other news reports.  Now I have a better understanding. “


The DVD is available at www.BlackhorseProductions.com 


To view the movie trailer click here.



Eric Newton

Public Affairs Officer

11th Armored Cavalry

Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia




Photo Attached.

Eric Newton left, Covering combat operations south of Baghdad, Iraq.

(Photo by Jerry Williamson)