Welcome Home Celebration for Blackhorse Troopers Serving in Iraq

Point’s of Contact are: Jack Stoddard, (702) 459 4233, e-mail; jscb@cox.net

At Fort Irwin: Major Michael Martel (760) 380 3365


11th Armored Cavalry’s Regimental Headquarters and 1st and 2nd Squadrons, are still deployed to Iraq. They are expected to return to Fort Irwin by mid January 2006. The

58th Engineer Company returned to Fort Irwin in July.


The Regimental Support Squadron and the Activated Wildhorse Squadron are at Fort Irwin performing the Opposing Forces Mission of training units to fight in Iraq.


A Welcome Home Celebration and BBQ for Our Troopers is planned to take place at Fort Irwin for   March 16-18 of 2006. 


All units should have returned to Fort Irwin by mid March, and have had time for recovery operations and maximum leave to be with their families. The celebration is planned before many of the returning Troopers are reassigned or are discharged.


Cost of the BBQ at Fort Irwin should be less than $10.00 per Veteran and per Guest. 


The Chuck Wagon Gang, of Midland and Odessa Texas will provide food for all.


Donations are being made by Businesses in Texas and Barstow California. Members of 11ACVVC have donated $15,000 for this purpose.


Additionally, many Veterans of specific units have donated funds to pay for Iraqi War Veterans and their Families who have served in the Troops and Companies in which that veteran or group of veterans served.


It is intended that the entire affair be free to the Iraq Veterans of the Blackhorse and their families. Even if you can’t attend, please donate.


Please indicate your intent to attend and/or make a donation using the form below. 

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Name __________________________________ E-Mail:__________________________

Address ________________________________ Phone Number (____) ______________

City, State, Zip __________________________ Donation Amount $________________

Blackhorse Veteran Y/N, Unit: _________Will attend Welcome Home Celebration Y/N

Interested in bus transportation from Las Vegas to Barstow & Fort Irwin Y/N

Make checks out to ‘11th Cavalry Welcome Home Celebration’


Please mail this form with your donation to: 11th Cavalry Welcome Home Celebration

                                                                        5397 E Washington Avenue

                                                                        Las Vegas, NV 89110


All of the rooms at Fort Irwin are being used during the ‘Welcome Home Celebration’ event.


The following is a list of Hotels in Barstow California that can be contacted for room’s during the celebration.


Be sure to reference “11th Cavalry Welcome Home Celebration


Holiday Inn Express - 760 253 9200 Lenwood Exit

Holiday Inn Express - 760 256 1300 Main Street Exit

Ramada Inn           - 760 256 5673 Main Street












Arrival: Barstow Hotel

Fort Irwin Tour:

t: Breakfast with the city



   New Operations Group building

t: Parade in Barstow



   Training Brief




   Equipment displays




   Museum visit




   New housing tour




   312 Billets tour















Arrival: Barstow Hotel

Volunteer Recognition Lunch

Chuck Wagon Gang BBQ







Reg Welcome Home Ceremony/Review:































BHA-led Dinner @ Barstow Hotel:

No-host dinner at Reggie's



   Review plans for the weekend




   RCO briefing




   Attendees: BHA & Sr. NTC/Reg Ldrs




Additionally, A Regimental Ball for attendance by Active Duty and Veterans with Family and Guest’s is being planned for March 25, 2006, in Las Vegas


Information about the Ball will be published as it becomes available