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1st quarter, 2016 Thunder Run

By Kathy Tandberg, Women’s Group Co-coordinator


Planning for San Antonio  

Women’s Plans Underway



We are nearly halfway to meeting once again, this time in San Antonio, Texas, where we’ll gather for the 31st annual reunion of the 11th ACVVC!  The past months since Georgia have been busy. This includes discussion by phone and email by the Women’s Board as we research ideas for San Antonio. It seems everyone who attended our Saturday morning meeting in Georgia enjoyed it so much that we are working on making this next reunion another big hit!. 


First of all, you all enjoyed our speaker last year so we’ve been pulling ideas for a possible speaker for our annual women’s meeting set for 9 a.m. - 12 noon, Saturday, August 27.  Also, as requested by a majority at our meeting last year, we are searching for an economically feasible outing of some kind for the Women’s Group. There’s so much going on that Friday that we may not be able to fit a tour in.  However, if we aren’t able to plan a tour, it doesn’t mean that we can’t still plan something fun. One idea is to host another luncheon. We’re thinking a fun, San Antonio style luncheon could be great fun and that’s what we’re working on!  Now we realize that not everyone may care for the Hispanic flair of cuisine, but we’re making plans for more than one option including one with a milder taste as well, so we can please everyone.


There will be fun options to go along with luncheon, so just hold onto your hats, or should I say sombreros! We’ll have more details ready for you in time for the next Thunder Run, but I won’t spill all the beans yet!


Prayer Shawls: 


Our group has two top projects that we support each year. The first is our Prayer Shawl Project, in which handmade prayer shawls are mailed throughout the year to families of our Troopers who pass on to Fiddler Green.  Our Prayer Shawl Chairperson Cherry Platt keeps on top of the increasing need and add her tender loving touch to the prayer shawls that are croqueted by Cherry and our many wonderful volunteers from throughout the organization.  Thank you volunteers who help create the beautiful prayer shawls. Also, thank you to those who have donated to the postage fund when we “pass the hat” for it at our meetings each year. These funds are used strictly to mail the prayer shawls. Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated.  If you are interested in volunteering your talents with this worthy project, or simply want to learn more about it, you can contact Cherry by email at  for more information. 


Wreaths Across America:


Each year in December, the Blackhorse Women’s Group sends funds for the annual Wreaths Across America project that places wreaths at the Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. Wreaths Across America also places wreaths at each of the nation’s national cemeteries as well as Arlington.  This year we donated funds for 21 wreaths. You may wonder why 21? This number is representative of the 21 Blackhorse Troopers who were Killed in Action in Vietnam and are buried at Arlington.  While we can’t furnish wreaths for each of the 730 Blackhorse Troopers Killed In Action in Vietnam who have been laid to rest across our nation, we feel the 21 wreaths are a small token representing each of those men.


Organization President Allen Hathaway and his wife, Pam, a Women’s Group member, volunteer for this worthy project each December, helping place wreaths at Arlington. 


We thank Pam who sent the following information about their endeavors at the event held December 12:


Allen and I were at Arlington National Cemetery at 8:30 a.m., in time to watch the procession of tractor trailers and escort vehicles enter the cemetery to deliver the wreaths.  It is an amazing thing to watch.

We didn't see just how many trucks actually made the trip from Maine this year as most of them were already positioned inside the cemetery to distribute the wreaths, but we did hear that the organizers estimated that 240,815 wreaths were laid at Arlington today.  There were an estimated 70,800 volunteers laying wreaths. I can't tell you how impressive it is to see that many people honoring our fallen heroes. We were honored to be a part of such a special occasion.    


Special thanks to the Hathaways, who were able to place wreaths at the graves of 11th ACR soldiers whose names are listed below: 


John Garnett, JR, F Troop, 2/11 ACR

Richard S. Cunningham, H Company, 2/11 ACR

Don R. Sykes, E Troop, 2/11 ACR

James R. Gentile, B Troop, 1/11 ACR (WW II, Korea, Vietnam)

David J. Murray, 11th ACR, IRAQ


In addition to the 21 Vietnam KIA troopers who died in action in Vietnam, the following Blackhorse are also laid to rest at Arlington:


1 KIA in Iraq

104 other Blackhorse troopers who passed away after serving in Vietnam

42 others, who served with the 11th Cavalry between 1901 and 1966, including the first commander Francis Moore.


Prayers go out to each and every family who has lost a Trooper then and more recently. God bless.


Did you know?  If you are in the area of Arlington February 2 there will be a placing of a wreath at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers in remembrance of the 115th Anniversary of the 11th US Cavalry.  


Kathy can be reached by email at  or by phone at 701-873-2970. Also, be sure to check out the Blackhorse Women’s webpage site by going to  and locating Blackhorse Women’s News tab in the white box near the bottom.  Find and “Like” us on Facebook by searching Blackhorse (11th ACVVC) Women.  








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