Politics and the Firing of the Medal of Honor Recipient

Fellow Veterans and Citizens,

Over the years we have been shocked and outraged by the disgraceful actions of politicians and government officials who waste our tax dollars and flaunt their, "I can do as I please attitudes," at the citizens of this great country.

Most Americans were silent as our elected officials recently cut health care benefits from our war veterans even at the moment our future veterans were locked in combat and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our elected officials are continuously lining their pockets with lucrative pay increases, benefits and private retirement accounts while distancing themselves from the Social Security they want you and I to support. A system that apparently is not up to the standards they want to be covered under.

We see decent people like Hal Fritz who are dedicated to helping their fellow Americans by exposing waste, fraud, and corruption within the bureaucracy get harassed, threatened, and fired from their positions by the very person or agency they have exposed.  We hear the spin, cover-up and slander from the guilty to cast doubt and divert attention from themselves and the zones of corruption they manipulate.

One of our own has now fallen victim to politics and spin. Fellow Vietnam veteran Harold Fritz, a veteran of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment has been fired from a position with the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs.   Hal was doing a stellar job making life better for the veterans who throughout history have sacrificed their lives and health for the well being that all Americans enjoy each day. Details of the incident as written by Jon Dougherty at WorldNetDaily.com can be found here: warhero.htm

In 1969, then Lieutenant Harold Fritz was awarded our nations highest military decoration, the Congressional Medal of Honor. Go here to see photos and a description of the battle. frietz.htm  

Every tax-paying citizen should be pounding the table for this injustice to be corrected.

You can express your dissatisfaction by passing this on and by contacting the following people to demand Hal Fritz be reinstated or offered a comparable position. This is no way to treat a hero.

E-mail for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich
Tel   Chicago  (312) 814-2121

E-mail for Roy Dolgos, Illinois Vet Affairs Director
Tel    Chicago  (312) 814-2460   FAX  Chicago (312) 814-2764

Eric Newton
Public Affairs Officer
11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia