News from Iraq

Saying goodbye to Sgt. Caldwell

Operation Iraqi Freedom III,  The Movie – The Ultimate Sacrifice

Riding With The Blackhorse In (Iraq Part 3)  Updated 7/11/2006

Photos 6  Updated 07/11/2006

Photos 5  Updated 03/12/2006

Photos 4  Updated 03/10/2006

Riding With The Blackhorse In (Iraq Part 2)  Updated 1/20/2006

Transfer of Authority  New post 01/01/2006

Photos: 11th Armored Cavalry Returns to Fort Irwin   New post 12/31/2005

First Blackhorse Elements Come Home  New post 12/26/2005

K.I.A.   Updated 12/13/2005

Iraq or Bust  New post 12/07/2005

Father, Son Share Thanksgiving, Guard Duty in Iraq  New post 12/07/2005

Soldiers spot suspicious behavior, find weapons  New post 12/02/2005

Iraq Article's and Photos by Eric Newton Updated 12/01/2005

Task Force Baghdad Soldiers prevent bomb attack  New post 11/30/2005

Soldiers seize weapons cache, detain 4 terrorists   New post 11/29/2005

K.I.A. Updated 11/26/2005

Civil Affairs New post 11/19/2005

U.S. Soldiers capture gunman after attack   New post 11/13/2005

Task Force Baghdad Soldiers kill drive-by shooter   New post 11/13/2005

Iraq Article's and Photos by Eric Newton Updated 11/12/2005

Citizen’s tip leads U.S. Soldiers to bomb parts   New post 11/9/2005

U.S. Soldiers capture terrorists, weapons in combat ops  New post 11/5/2005

K.I.A. Updated 11/2/2005

Terrorists caught after firing at U.S. Soldiers   New post 11/2/2005

U.S. Soldiers kill terrorist planting bomb  New post 11/1/2005

Soldiers destroy 4 bombs before they go off   Oct. 23


Iraqi Girl’s Future Getting Brighter  

Building a Free Iraq

Jim Blackburn

Hellhorse 6 

Message from the RCO and RCSM Mosul, Iraq 15 October 2005

U.S. Soldiers stop kidnapper dead in his tracks 

B Troop does it again

B Troop in Iraq weapons cache

A trooper in Iraq has fallen in his quest to defeat terrorism

Army Times B Troop in Iraq

Blackhorse update in Iraqi

NCO Journal

58th Red Devils












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