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At the bottom of this page are the stories that were on breaking news, Since they may be of Interest to Troopers even after the news isn't breaking any more we retained the Info.

Never Forget

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Buffalo Reuion Memorial Letter to the Editor

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Bob Kerrey's Vietnam Deserves Better


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Information Searching


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Viet Nam Veterans in the Classroom Five years ago the eighth grade daughter of Ollie Pickral was reaching the part of her history book, which covered a chapter on the Vietnam War. She told her teacher that her dad was a veteran and had  founded a veteran's organization known as the 11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam and  Cambodia. Her teacher, Mr. Hogge, asked if her dad would speak about his war experiences to his  classes at Richardson North Junior High School. Ollie accepted the invitation and asked Eric Newton  who also served in K-Troop with him to help out. 
Some Food for Thought A message on "The Warrior Spirit By William C. Moore. MG USA Retired. 
Finally, a Stamp for those who served! Longest War In U.S. History' Remembered with Unveiling of Vietnam War Postage. Go  HERE  for details

VA Eligibility

For those of you confused by recent changes in VA Eligibility (Who isn't)  HERE is a pretty clear explanation. 

Courtesy of Pete Echon

Thanksgiving 1969 Let me tell you, that was high living - No Cs that day! 
AMBUSH -A day some of you may remember 
More Stuff A lot more clippings from Pete's scrapbook. Pete wants to float you a loan  HERE.   - 
Cav's 68th Birthday in Nam Let's see, the 100th is in 2001 so the 68th must have been in 1969. Just an old newspaper but interesting. 
In case you don know you will find the answer here - What is a Cavalry Man?
 Remember Her?

I was unit director (DD6) of the Red Cross Girls from Nov 67 to Apr 68 at Blackhorse.  I love this web site! If you were the guy I used to mix OD green coolaid for in the motor pool, or the one who had a monkey that bit Maureen on the boob, or along for the ride when  I had to sit in the tank gunners seat and NOT TOUCH ANYTHING to get us back to base camp--hey it would be fun to hear from you!
Ruth Neher

POETS CORNER  Four  members have submitted  poems that seemed especially appropriate for this, our home, page. Please, not only read them but consider your own contribution!  They help those who are still on the way home!