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50,000 Names

Iraq News


Christmas in Vietnam 1968 Prayer, Menu, and Message  Click Here


Want to be in Films then read this:

My name is Sonny Silva and I am Vietnam combat veteran.  I served with the 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division in Tay Ninh Province from October 2, 1969 to October 12, 1970.  Since 2010 I have served as the National Vice President and Historian of the 8th Cavalry Regiment Association.  
Last summer I helped Lou Reda Productions produce the documentary series "Vietnam in HD" for the History Channel.  I assisted them with research, and with gathering and viewing personal film collections from other Vietnam veterans.  The experience of working with Lou Reda Productions was extremely therapeutic and rewarding for me.  (You can see their website at www.redafilms.com).
Currently, Lou Reda Productions is beginning work on another Vietnam program and I am again helping them gather home movie film collections to use in it. If you have color films that you shot at home or in Vietnam and you are interested in sharing them for a very worthwhile project, please write me back at this email address (vietnam@louredaproductions.com).

In exchange for granting Lou Reda Productions permission to use your home movies, they will transfer your films (8mm, super8 or 16mm) for free.  They will clean your original film, put it through a high-resolution film scanner, and then return your original films and a DVD copy to you to keep. If you do not have any films, but know someone who does, please pass along my contact information to anyone within your group.  Also, if you are willing to put a post on your website to help get the word out, I would appreciate that as well.

Thank you for your help.
Sonny Silva
2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division 
email- vietnam@louredaproductions.com 

Lou Reda Productions

219 Spring Garden Street

Easton, PA 18042

ph- 610-258-2957


Thanks to Eugene Fink HHT 2/11 66-67 for this picture.


Remains M41 Walker Bulldog Between Aloui and Landing Zone Alpha, the armored column was ambushed at a stream crossing and four M41 tanks were abandoned in the middle of the stream isolating the 11th Armored Cavalry on the west bank. The airborne soldiers abandoned the cavalry and kept on marching east down QL 9. No reinforcements were sent and no recovery vehicles came to remove the abandoned tanks. The 11th fought on alone, and after three hours cleared a way across but had to leave seventeen disabled vehicles on the west side of the stream. The NVA used the vehicles as machine gun positions until the vehicles were destroyed on 25 March,Ban Dong, Laos, Ho chi Minh trailThe next day, the 1st Armored Brigade and a paratrooper battalion were ordered to go back and recover the 17 damaged tanks and APCs left behind by the 11th Cav. Once again American air cover had been promised and once again it was diverted. The brigade succeeded in picking up the vehicles and had the 17 vehicles in tow when, once again, they were ambushed crossing a river near Aloui. The four lead M-41 tanks were hit with RPG’s blocking the route. For three hours the South Vietnamese fought to survive until the disabled tanks were pushed aside and the column could move. All the vehicles that were being towed as well as the four M41’s were left behind and later destroyed by Cobras.




Vietnam War Resources

11th Cavalry Trooper on YouTube

2012 Reunion Registration For the 21th Annual Marty Ognibene Memorial Golf Tournament To download a Printable Registration form Click Here This form enables you to easily fill it out and mail in with a check.

2012 Reunion Registration Form now Online Click to Register for the Reunion

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11th ACVVC Reunion Schedule 2011

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New Women's Corner Message 

Articles about the 11thCav


This is a video made by and for Michigan Vietnam Veterans,  
If you know a Vietnam Veteran, consider sending this link to them.

Meet Our 2010 Scholarship Winners

Guide To The 11ACVVC Scholarship Program Effective Nov 1, 2010

2010 Reunion Photo's Washington D.C.

MONDAY - MAY 17, 2010 – FORT KNOX, K


Photos by Bryan Cupp

Reunion Hotel Update please read

Check out this site www.LZLambeau.org

Branson 2009 Veterans Day

Santa Clara Reunion 2009 Photos

Meet Our 2009 Scholarship Winners

President Awards A Troop the  Presidential Unit Citation for heroism
Click here to watch Video


NY Times Article

Columbia Tribune - Columbia, Missouri


New York Times.


 From Court House to White House

Click here to read Story

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Veterans Reunite in California

The 24th Annual Reunion of the 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans of Vietnam and
Cambodia was held Sept. 9-13, 2009 in Santa Clara, California.  This year's
reunion was a great success.  The Presidential Unit Citation was a highlight
of the event and attracted news teams from major national media including
the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, with a number of 11th ACR
veterans being interviewed.  Stories in these and other media are expected
to be published soon.  Read recent news accounts by clicking the "News &
Events" link above.

 Gridley Veteran to attend first PUC of Obama Administration

Click here to read Story

Vietnam veteran among those to receive Presidential Unit Citation

Click here to read Story

The Battles Never End
Belleville News-Democrat
By: Mike Fitzgerald
August 9, 2009

Download PDF

The ceremony honoring PSGT Glenn E. Nicholson, a Blackhorse Trooper killed in Vietnam and a former instructor for the University of Kansas (KU) has been changed from near Building 128 at KU to the KU Military Science Building (building #67) at the University. Building #67 Sept 10, 2009

Captain Phillips Honored In Portsmouth,  Cpt. Phillips and Bob Hersey 
See additional photo click here, Hellen and Bob Hersey and Cpt Phillips

A Troop Hero's Website

I am a reporter for the Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat. I just published a story about Alpha Troop, 11th ACR, being picked for a rarely bestowed Presidential Unit Citation for a battle that occurred March 25-26, 1970, in War Zone C in Vietnam. Then-Capt. John B. Poindexter commanded Alpha Troop at the time. You can find the story at our newspaper chain’s Web site, http://www.mcclatchydc.com/veterans/story/73324.html  Feel free to link to it. I think the members of your group will enjoy reading it.
Best regards, Mike Fitzgerald

Stars & Stripes Sunday European Edition, August 9,   PAGE  3  (16mb download)
 Veteran Receiveds Medal for 1967 Battle
 Submitted by John Effinger:
 Staten Island Vietnam vet gets Purple Heart

11thACR Lineage

Memorial Day 2009 at The Wall

Reunion Registration Form Pay By Mail In Check

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Reunion Trooper and KIA Survivor Assistance Fund 

11th ACVVC Reunion Schedule

Tours Available at the Reunion

11th ACVVC Reunion XXVI, St. Louis, MO
August 17-21, 2011 Click Here for the Reunion Registration Form

Three recently added YouTube videos chronicle the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam and was produced in the late 1960's. 

Utah Vietnam Memorial, new photos

11th Armored Cavalry Lineage and  Honors Information as of 2001

Alpha Troop has been awarded the Presidential Unit Citation

Vietnam veterans combat badges and insignia

Vietnam 30 years Later PDF Version    Click here for Web Version

Pictures By Danny Kreger

Meet Our 2008 Scholarship Winners

Laying the Blackhorse Wreath at The Wall

Chicago 2008 reunion Photo's

America Supports You: Blockbuster, USO Join Forces for Troops

Cold War fixture bound for home in California

Honor for soldier killed in Vietnam

Photos by Henry D Jones

Letty Starry, wife of Donn Starry, GEN, USA (Ret)

IRS tells disabled veterans they are due a refund of tax paid on CWT payments

Photos by Henry Tarwater Reunion 2007

Photos by Marvin Gootee

KIA Information  New photos of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Memorial Located at the Patton Museum Fort Knox Kentucky

The Blackhorse Association Reunion

 New Blackhorse Association Website

Reunion Photos by Ron Salisbury

Photos by Ford D.Canutt

Sgt. 1st Class Alfred McCullough (A-troop 67-68) KIA

From the 62nd Colonel of the Regiment Mark Calvert

Fort Irwin soldiers head to Iraq

"Show Your Pride"

Meet Our 2007 Scholarship Winners

Blackhorse Base Camp

VA rebuked for balking on Agent Orange care

KIA Trooper Melvin U. Wanageshik Honored

Park memorializes casualties from Fort Irwin

BG Kevin Bergner

Ray's Map Room

Photo's by Christopher Harlow page 2


Howitzer Battery 3rd Squadron

Pictures by Christopher Harlow

Procedures for folding the Flag

Fort Irwin Engineers to return to Iraq

John L. Gerrity (MG Ret) passed away on Thursday, January 18, 2007 in Naples, FL.

Operation Iraqi Freedom III,  The Movie – The Ultimate Sacrifice

Photos by Terrence Wayne Weldon KIA Photo's sent in by Victoria Weldon Kuhn Daughter

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. William W. Cobb, 89, of Beaufort, died Sunday, 
Jan. 7, 2007, in Beaufort Memorial Hospital.

Former First Lady Betty Ford is escorted by Maj. Gen. Guy C. Swan III

Mrs. Harriet Holder, widow of Col Leonard D. Holder, died in San Antonio, TX

Operation Iraqi Freedom III

TELL ME A WAR STORY by Major George E. Kinback, Jr

Pictures by David Upton "Rabbit"

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Branson, Mo

Soldier Ride 2006

Memorial Day 2006 - DC

In memory of a soldier Capt. Stephen Frank

F Troop 1st Sgt. removes the Vietnam era Guidon
from the staff and returns it to 11th ACVVC Troopers

Updated Education Page  We Were Not Allowed To Win In Vietnam

Woodrow Beal Chastain Memorial

Pictures by James Nelson  

KIA Information Page

Governor Helps Honor Returning Troopers

Precision helps Chuck Wagon Gang

Reflagging part of the 58th Combat Engineer company to the 919th Combat Engineer Company

Click Here to See a list of 11thcav Recipients Medal of Honor

Click Here to See a list of 11thcav Recipients Distinguished Flying Cross

Click Here to See a list of 11thcav Recipients Silver Star

Click Here to See a list of 11thcav Recipients Distinguished Service Cross

Riding With The Blackhorse In (Iraq Part 2)  Updated 1/20/2006

Photos: 11th Armored Cavalry Returns to Fort Irwin

Update on Blackhorse Troopers

Two West Point players wore the Blackhorse Patch

Never Forget

West Point response to inquiry by Jim Griffiths concerning Blackhorse Patch in Army Navy game.

Chaplain's Message  Updated 11/28/05

11th ACVVC's Wreath at the Vietnam Wall

Going the extra meal

Sgt. Jacob D. Dones KIA

Compliment to the 11th ACR                 

The Pentagon Channel


Reunion XX---Colorado Springs, CO 4-7 August, 2005

Photos by Charles Mercer

Memories flow at Vietnam Veterans Reunion

11ACVVC 2005 Scholarship Thank You Notes

Welcome Home Celebration for Blackhorse Troopers Serving in Iraq

Here is a list of the 2005 Scholarship Winners

Vietnam Gear

Photos of a 1/8th scale remote control model of a Sheridan

Chuck Wagon Gang plans to welcome soldiers

CBS News video clip about the families of 11th ACR KIA's.

Mural at Angel Fire

K.P. Duty

Scholarship Program Success

Jeff "Doc" Dennis

Photos by Doug Giesige   919th

Absent Comrades Since Vietnam Has been updated with 1,450 new names thanks to Allen Hathaway

Vietnam memorial from Australian

Fact Finding

Montagnard Foundation.

The Vietnam War 30 Years Later

In-Theater Reps for the 11th ACVVC  & Veteran Active Duty Support Reps

Army Cpl. Kevin W. Prince = Killed in Iraq

KIA Roster by Year

Blackhorse Troopers at Walter Reed

NTC on the Regiment's deployment

Updated Bi-Laws

Junction City Junction City AUDIO Hit the play button Note there are interruptions so be patient

Went on to Fiddlers Green

A Thank You to Vietnam Vets from a Marine in Iraq

Los Angeles Times on October 17, 2004

Revised KIA Honor Roll

Guidon ceremony at Ft. Irwin for the exchange of the Alpha Troop and Headquarters Troop, First Squadron guidons. 

Guidon Passing Photos by Ken Sabo

Guidon Passing by John T. Tillman

Cavalrymen earn their spurs

Photos by Tony Venturini

Guidon Passing Event

Just in case you are interested in having a hard copy of your records.

Photo's of General Patton's Funeral

11th ACR in Iraq

Here is a list of the 2004 - 2005 Scholarship Winners Now with photo's

11th ACVVC & Active Duty Buddy Program

Pictures by Miller Danner

Pictures by Wayne "Hoss" Watts

SSG Benjamin Nelson "Ben" Butts, passed away Sunday, July 11, 2004

Patton's Funeral

Photos by Arnie Boman

Photos by Rick O'Dell

Photos by Fred Sheetz

Photos by Joe Rooney

Area of Operation (AO) Maps

Honor our troops

11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Honor Roll National Cemeteries

Army plans to send OPFOR troops to Iraq

Command Sergeant Major Horn Reunion Speaker


The Origins of Memorial Day

Pictures by Louis Coats

Vietnam vets get a taste of modern military training

Blackhorse Troopers Motorcycle Group Exists

Keep the faith : A letter from Iraq


Veteran's Report

by Jerry Williamson

1/8th scale model of a Sheridan

Army Echoes, Issue 1, January-April 2004

Photos by John Stetler 919th

VA News

Request all Your  Military Records Online

All VA Offices = Be patient it takes a while to load

Chinook Roof Landing in Afghanistan

Photos by Ross Glatzer 919th

Photos by Buck Malnarick  919th

Photo by Raymond Hill  919th

More Eugene Reunion photo's

Looking for some health information

Life Member Cards area code change

SPECIAL ISSUE = The American Legion Magazine = September 2003

Bud's funeral at Arlington

Joe Driskill (51st Colonel of the Blackhorse) passed away on Sep. 11.


US & Coalition Casualties from Iraq with Photos and info

Effective Dates of Benefits for Disability or Death
 Caused By Herbicide

Big Bud Traveled to Fiddlers green 27 Aug 2003

Dr. Westphall

Reunion XVIII Eugene OR. after action report.

Memorial Service Message by MG Julian "JB" Burns

List of Recipients for Scholarship 2003-2004 = 20 Recipients

USS Reagan

11 ACVVC  Trooper  Assistance  Fund

Click here for the License Plate Challenge

Trooper in Iraq

This is in memory of Roger Hale

Politics and the Firing of the Medal of Honor Recipient  

War hero canned due to politics

Unidentified Troop Assignment of our KIA

Farewell Message to the Army Family

Custom Jacket Reunion Auction

Limited Edition 100th Anniversary short sleeve Golf Shirt size X-large -Reunion Auction

Limited Edition Blackhorse "FEAR THIS" shirt, Red, short sleeve size X-Large -Reunion Auction

Photos by Joe Rooney  

Playing Cards of the Most Wanted in Iraq

Doc Taylors Mini Reunion 

Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom

Photos by Gary Sharp

Belle Plaine Veterans Memorial Park in MN.

Dallas Support Rally for the Troops Photos

New Photo's Australian Allan Wood

New Photo's Ken Vander Hoek

Blackhorse Veterans Still Serving

Veterans History Project

New Photos by  Gary L. Laupp

Veterans Day Photos 2002

Documentary Review; The Blackhorse Regiment in Vietnam in the words of the men who fought. 

Veterans Day Group Photo 2002

New Medics Photo

After Action Report Operation Fresh Start Feb 70 - April 70

SOS = Chipped Beef   and Chipped Beef cooking Directions

Tribute to Victims of 911 with Names and Photos


2002-2003 Scholarship Recipients


Scholarship Recipients  Fall 2002- Spring 2003

"Superb, In-Depth Pictorial Essay on the Vietnam War"

"Homer Pittman (SFC, K Troop, 1966-1967) passed away at Baton Rouge General Medical Center in Louisiana on June 25.  He was the 2000 recipient of the 11th ACVVC's Jack Quilter Award. Funeral details to follow."

How to apply for PTSD

Citizen Soldier Allan Callaway Honored

Decatur Vietnam hero to be honored in stone

Captain John Rasmussen

General Starry Interview

Allons Sung to the tune The Bonnie Blue Flag

Doc Taylor's cookout in Carbondale

Looking Back at the Facts

Vietnam Vets Win Round in Court  Agent Orange

Vietnam War Myths

We Were Soldiers movie review

Vietnam Veterans National Memorial

Vietnam Studies by General Donn Starry

Education Section

Camp Wollbach Renamed to  " Camp Philip L. Lee "

A View of Our Past

Diabetes Mellitus (Type II)

Getting your Bronze Star issued, even after 30 years

Sons & Daughters In Touch "They Were Our Fathers...."

Doc Balas Awarded the Silver Star

The Boys of Iwo Jima

National Treasure  =  Patriotic Sites From Coast to Coast

A Good Fit

David Horowitz' Plea to the New Anti-War Activists

Hunger Strike in a Bamboo Cage

Hello! This is America!

Games Section

We'll Fight to the Last 50 Year Old

Standing Orders

UAL & AA announce new Non-Stop Service to Afghanistan

Secretary of the Army to the American people

August, 2001

Scholarship Recipient's

Vietnam Medal of Honor Medics

July 2001

Letter to all 11thACVVC Troopers From Stephen Perry

Letter to all 11thACVVC Troopers From Robert McKnight, Ft Irwin, Ca

A real hard core Cav Trooper James W Porter Now has overnight stops.

Historian Embellishments a Red Flag for Vietnam Researchers

Benefits for Spouses and Children

Hazards Chemicals Warning

Vietnam Perspective by Retired Lt. Gen. James Link

June 2001

Col. Donald P Boyer went on to Fiddlers Green

KIA's now has more detailed information just click on the name

Trichloroethylene (TCE)

May, 2001

Promotion Jimmy Leach

Bob Kerrey's Vietnam Deserves Better

Vandalism at National Cemeteries

Albatross Revisited, Perspective on the My Lai Massacre

April, 2001 

Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia Brotherhood ---- new link

Dear China

New Photo of may 1967 Ambush

Vietnam War As An Integral part of  U.S. Victory in the Cold War

Zippo Raids burning villages, and Morley Safer-----another side of the story!Click on Photo to Enlarge Safer_Cam NE.small.jpg (4358 bytes)   

March, 2001

Shedding Some Light on Another Picture

Click on Photo to Enlarge  GEN LOAN_SMALL.jpg (2303 bytes)

Searching For Families of Four KIA's from DC.

Vietnam Statistics

Agent Orange Spray Map

Agent Orange Website

Nam Terror

February, 2001

Personal Account of 21 May 67

The Rock Pile Fort Irwin Two bus loads Stop for Photo Op

100th Anniversary Logo

January 2001

Weather in Vietnam

2 More Kia,s added to attached Units Roster

December 2000

11thACVVC Awards Section

November 2000

Excerpts from the Paris Accords, January 27, 1973

US Wins War in Vietnam

American & South Vietnam Leaders

October, 2000

USS-Cole Tribute

United States War Crimes Policy

September 2000

Combat Medic's Badge

Support from other Nations

NVA- VC Recoilless Rifle

Southeast Asia Map

Medical and Civic Assistance by U.S. Page  1   2   3   4   5   6   7

Story of Agent Orange

Terrorism as a Weapon

The Massacre the Left wants us to forget

Reflections In Their Own Words

Massacre at Hue

Atrocity at Dak Son

A History lesson in your pocket

Buffalo Reunion Memorial Letter to the Editor

Mike Wallace


August 2000 

Winfield woman retraces footsteps of brother killed in Vietnam

Buffalo after action Report

Gen Ballantyne's Letter

Letter to all 11thACVVC Troopers

July 2000

www.cibmedia.com is perhaps the best single-source resource for American unit-specific and battle-specific documentary books and videos available.